Sacramento’s Next Mayor should be….

Yes Mary Elizabeth, there is a mayoral contest in Sacramento. No, Kevin Johnson has not returned to Phoenix, he is still Sacratomatoville’s big boss.

A nice lady is running, her name is  Angelique Ashby  a councilwomen  representing the Natomas area, her foot slipped of the brake as she announced she was running for mayor before the dust settled around the current mayor.

A local man named Darrell Steinberg is also running, he was a member of the State Senate and like Ms’ Ashby was on the Council.   Steinberg has become the consummate politician. He was lining up his ducks, before announcing his candidacy. While Ms Ashby was making hair and clothing choices, Steinberg had assembled an army.

Mary, there are other candidates but I am limited to 400 words.

Steinberg has become a slick politician which may not play well  in year where there is a lot of anger towards the establishment candidates. However he is well liked  and well known and respected .  Ashby seems personable which may make her attractive to core voters, she doesn’t seem confident which may actually work for her. However closely aligning herself with the Arena may be a mistake, as many core (older) voters do not support city dollars going towards the Arena.

Who would I vote for?

Sadly, Mary Elizabeth neither.

There isn’t real leadership coming from City Hall and there hasn’t been for quite awhile (at least 20 years) No one,not a  Mayor or a council member has expressed outrage at the cities business image or rankings. For years, Sacramento has been near or at the bottom of national business polls.   Which translates to jobs.

 Sacramento have spent MILLIONS to attract or retain professional sports franchises and little to  develop an environment attractive to business.  As West Placer county and West Sacramento’s  Business community continues to expand.  Sacramento’s growth seems  depended on the housing industry.

The city can’t fix, what they don’t acknowledge    Last year, one council member, Steve Hansen broke ranks and went public ,declaring the city’s Sexual Embarrassment Policy was broken.

Mary Elizabeth,

Ashby and Steinberg are two competent individuals, they both promise to make the city better. The problem, they were and are part of the problem . This bears repeating, you can’t fix, what you don’t acknowledge.  .  Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to fix the problem.

Happy 18th, make sure you register to vote!

CityFella (you know)