Hotel Confidential: If Stupid was a crime?

Hotel Front Desk

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Hotels spend millions to insure a safe stay for their guests.  However guest often make it easy for criminals to victimize them. Find a comfy seat near the front desk of any hotel and it’s will overhear hotel guests shouting out credit card numbers, addresses, expiration dates and with the volume on their smartphones set at its highest level , hear both sides of the  conversation.  Pin codes, passwords, detailed instructions on how to gain access to a classified departments all from the comfort of your lobby chair.

For the safety of the guest staff is instructed to write the guest room number.down.hotel staff never yell out hotel rooms or names and never share guest information. 

Wait for it?   Groups, families will yell room numbers, when and where they will meet for lunch.  Were in 1506 , well meet you down in the restaurant at six and then we will out from there your in  319 got it!    So now you ,what room the man wearing the Apple hat and his  I-mac, I pad and I phone is staying .

At check in , guest talking to friends, looking round will often walk away from the counter leaving their wallets purses overflowing with cash and shiny credit cards making it extremely simple for a stranger to walk by and grab their loot.

Despite all they safety information , guests will prop the doors open with all their possessions in the room, while they visit friends and colleagues a few doors down. (Sometimes leaving small children in the room alone)

A lady was outraged after her Toyota Suv was broken into, she said she thought she was staying at a safe place.   She feels violated and she feels the hotel should replace the two laptops she left on the seat, the expensive Cannon Camera on the floor and for the cash left in her other purse left of the floor of her car as well as the broken window .

A family gave a one local hotel a negative review after all their Christmas Gifts was stolen from the back seat of their car.

Common Sense isn’t common and if stupid was a crime……..







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  1. I was just looking at your Hotel Confidential: If Stupid was a crime? Very insightful, you most work at a hotel or know people who do.


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