It feels like a Heart Attack Every day

It’s nature, its planned, its part of the cycle, at least our minds, to leave this earth before our children.

Her second born, her only son struggled with diabetes most of his life. In the last few years he has been and in out of the hospital more times that she can count.

On May 26, 2015 the struggle ended for her thirty three year old

A couple of weeks ago, she began having chest pains. After the few days she was encouraged to go the hospital. After a few hours of testing she told the doctor she was finished she was going home.  She recognized the pain, a pain  in her chest,so intense she is unable to move .     For weeks after he died, she had moments where couldn’t breathe and she really didn’t care.  If she was dying,she could be with her son.

Nearly a year has past, and nothing has changed if it the pain is real, then it’s meant to be. Maybe its a reminder, but how could that be?  She will never forget the day, he died

The location of the pain is reserved in a small section of the heart of  parents who has lost a child. Over time the pain is managed but the hurt never goes away.



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