Lee Daniel’s “Empire” Still too Gay for some African Americans

The  Academy Award nominated director producer has long pushed the envelope in his films, from Monsters Ball and Precious to the Paperboy. Mr Daniel convinced Oprah Winfrey to playing a wife who cheated on her devoted husband in The Butler.

In an resent interview with Bevy Smith “Bevelations” on Sirius Xm, Daniels said his harshest criticism comes from the African American community.

People were outraged when Halle Berry’s character had sex with a white man in Monsters Ball.

On Empire, Jussie Smollett’s character (Jamal Lyon) has always been gay,his initial  love interest was (Michael Sanchez) Rafeal De La Fuente.

A few weeks ago, fans were introduced to (D-major) Tobias Truvillion . On the show,he plays an artistic director of an awards show.  His character is also on the DL, D-major) always seen with beautiful women.  In one scene he grabs a surprised Jamel and kisses him, a love scene follows.

 The Kiss blew up Black Twitter, it also generated criticism. There are some who believe the show has a gay agenda.

Empire is Fox’s highest rated show.


 Get ready for the envelope to be pushed again.

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