Hysterical Blindness (Fool, you were late!)

Yes your in the right lane, but I need to be in YOUR lane now, and yes I nearly caused you to run into that blue Ford, so WHAT, whatevah!

The last man who boarded the plane attempted to move my luggage to he could be near his seat.. I objected, and he ignored me. When I unbuckled he stopped and called for the flight attended who was busy readying the flight for take off and moved his belongings to an overhead near the front of the plane.  The man went nuts, it was his god given right to be accommodated even at the cost of others.

Its early Wednesday afternoon .  Typically a slow time at airports and going through the TSA lines took all of 10 minutes.  It was an hour before my flight, I was one of five people in the area .  With the extra time, I was deciding whether to open my tablet or finish my book.

Suddenly I hear Jesus, Goddammit!  Goddammit!  A man throws his bag to the floor.  A women screams shit! you have to be kidding.  A young man 13 or 14 says, shit I told ya. Two other children a young boy(about 8 or 9) and girl(6 or 7) are in tow.

There was airline representative at the counter, the man went in on her, “We were supposed to be on THAT flight!  You must have left early?  the rep said, it left on time.  His wife angrily approached the counter , this trip was very important to us, why didn’t anyone from your airline warn us you were leaving on time!  You have our phone number! (This when you have an internal conversation with yourself. What planet does she live on? Does she and her family suffer from some iron deficiency, disabling the reality section in their brains? Airline calls them? Really?   Hey, we can see your running late, so the 185 passengers and the airline staff will wait until your arrive.  No worries!     At one point you have empathy, you feel for the family,  but then the more you hear, followed by the attacks on the staff (who’s done nothing wrong) . your opinion changes to more of maybe your getting what you deserve!)

You never leave on time, I fly this airline all the time and you never leave on time.  We were just a couple of minutes late!  The man screams!    I am really getting angry!  This  is Bull Shit!  kicking the counter.  (Everyone in the area is watching this drama)    This  trip was important to our kids.  Another rep joined her listening.     The airline representative says there is space available on our next flight   When is that? ,the woman ask’s.  5.10.  So what are we supposed to do !   This is fucked, Fucked, Fucked.  My son need to be in Garden Grove by 4:30. the women screams.

The husband and wife huddle and then the husband  leans over and says something (we couldn’t hear)  to the airline reps.  We see the reps step back and suddenly a couple of airport police shows up, followed by other airport staff.

There are now more people in my section and everyone is STANDING watching the drama unfold infront of us in super dupa RL (real life).   There are now other airline people at the counter.  One police person is talking to the husband.   The wife face is red and she is crying and cursing loudly. Despite the police presence ,she isn’t done!  Her  Uncle is a LAWYER and she is gonna sue the AIRLINE and the AIRPORT!  The youngest of the two boys is crying, clearly upset.  No one, a parent or a sibling have attempted to comfort him.

More Airport police arrive.  The woman looks over to her husband and says they cant do this!   The family is being escorted from the concourse.  The young boy is crying hard now, the mother screams at the older boy and says Trevor get your brother!   The young girl intentionally kicks someones coffee on the floor.

Time passes when your having drama. My flight is boarding. One person in our section is clearly upset, she is wiping tears from her eyes.

I was thinking about the children.  When my children were young, my wife and I  would volunteer at the schools.  I have witnessed a five year old use the “C” word in Kindergarten..and through the years would see really bad behavior from the children.

Most of the parents would admit there were some behavioral problems, others would deny.  They simply don’t understand why their children are having issues, its probably the other students or the teachers.   Occasionally, we would see the parents at  fairs and  sporting events.

Mystery solved, a drunken parents at soccer, a parent cursing in the stands often screaming and cursing at the children, humiliating them in front of their friends.

Children often mirror their parents behavior and for a minute, I wondered what these children be like in ten years.

On the plane, I had row 23 to myself for the three hour flight. God is good.








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