BOOM! After 57 years of Marriage He’s Gone, Today!

Sources say last week, (In a story broke by Page Six) New York Developer Harry Macklowe told his wife he was leaving her for his new girlfriend and promptly moved in with her in a building he owns..

 Macklowe put up his French girlfriend Patricia Landeau in an apartment in the Macklowe Properties-owned 737 Park Avenue.

Multiple sources said Harry was even gallivanting around the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend with his attractive new French gal pal.

The gal, is Patricia Landeau 60

Landreu is the mother of four and President of the French Friends of the Israel Museum, located in Jerusalem.

 The Macklowes are donors to the Israel Museum and regulars at its New York gala. Sources said Harry met Landeau at a museum event.

Harry Macklowe is 78 and his wife Linda 71

The couple have been married 57 years and have two children.


 Harry is worth an estimated $2 billion, and is currently developing 432 Park Ave, the world’s tallest residential building
 Macklowe is currently developing 432 Park Ave, the tallest residential building in the world 

Emily Smith of “Page Six” adds:  A source tells us, “It was no secret in the building that the woman was Harry Macklowe’s girlfriend, and she’s been coming-and-going for two years. Whether he was living a double life with the girlfriend, or his wife knew about her all along, nobody quite knows.”

Residents in the tony building have included HBO CEO Richard Pleplar, French financier Raymond Svider and Russian princess Kristina Kovalenko.


 The divorce is going to be Epic.  No one was doing prenups 57 years ago.  There may be more than a few billion dollars at stake.

Harry and Linda’s art collection — spearheaded by Guggenheim Foundation trustee Linda — is worth a reported $1 billion and includes pieces by Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter. Harry’s current real estate projects include 432 Park Ave.



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