Bravo Housewives: Forget Atlanta its all bout New York City

The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 8

I’m an unashamedly a fan of Bravo’s Housewives franchise. I was visiting friends in Florida during a major rainstorm. On in the family room was a “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.  I figured I could be a good sport and tolerate the dribble for an hour, I’ve seen worse.  After the third hour I learned it was a marathon. (kill me now).  Who were these superficial women who told us they were fabulous, I didn’t see the fabulous-ness(not sure that’s a word) moving on.  Buy the fourth hour, I  was interested in their lives, and joined in the discussion surrounding the show, talking to the TV and saying uh hun, and bitch!

My interest in the show didn’t  unnoticed by the male host, who made fun of me for weeks.  I later learned he too followed the show and called his wife and sisters to discuss the episodes.

While I couldn’t warm to the OC and struggled with New York and Beverly Hills. Jersey was an immediate hit.  Lanta talked tuff but  Jersey WAS tuff. Caroline Manzo, was intense and had a demeanor that said fuck with my family and yours will be missing by sundown and after Teresa Guidice turned over the table, mama, I was home.

At times, Atlanta and Jersey was like watching a combination of  Jerry Springer and Desperate Housewives.  There were antagonists and villains.  TV friends, people brought together by the produces of Bravo.  Overtime I added New York and Beverly Hills to my DVR.

Through the years I have been ridiculed for watching the Housewives, accused of losing brain matter.  But its been an education. Men are often confused, perplexed by the female brain.  The housewives can give us  an unbridled view of the female psyche.

When it comes to conflicts, we(men)and end point a conclusion.  When men can argue for hours, but usually by the end of the day, its over.

 In a conflict with a woman a man will ask are we done? is this the end?  The woman might say yes.  But what I’ve learned through the housewives is that YES (has an invisible asterisk)   She reserves the right (an hour, week, months or years) to revisit to conflict.

I know I said, agreed the conversion was over and that I wasn’t going to bring it up again.  But something you said or did reminded me of something that I was unclear about or the way you said it made me think that maybe what you actually meant was something else.

If you are married, have daughters or confused or in an constant state of wonder  A few episodes will help you understand.

The housewives franchise is now in its tenth year.  Orange County is now in its 1o season. New York and Atlanta are in their eighth season.   In the last few years the formula has grown stale.   Some castmates manufactured drama.  Most evident in Atlanta, Jersey and Beverly Hills  Nene and Kenya, Kim and Brandi, Teresa and Melissa ,made the shows less compelling to watch.

Last year, there was a change in New York cast. Bethenny Frankle returned and they added Dorinda Medley .Dorinda is a friend of original cast mate Ramona Singer the two have know each other for nearly twenty years.  Most of the interactions seemed real and personal especially between Carole and Dorina.  Last season in my opinion was the best season of any housewives franchise.

Last year Heather Thompson and Kristen Teakman left the show and Jules Wainstein  a friend of Dorinda was added.  This season all of the  women are connected as a result the show is more personal .  Each of the women have a connection ,together they have experienced death, children and divorce.   As in our own relationships, we are closer to some friends than others. There are some people we only socialize with in groups  There is a cohesiveness this began last season is  evident this season   In a season that many call the best ever.

Every Housewives franchise is unique.  The New York franchise epitomizes the city itself. Its fast, its trendy, and newsworthy.  Some of the ladies are connected to the movers and shakers  The ladies aren’t manufactured.  Ramona has a few successful businesses,  Carole has won two Emmy’s and a Peabody award and written two best selling books.  LuAnn is a Countess and has written several books. Dorinda has owned a company, her former husband was a hedge fund manager. Jules Wainstein owns a beverage company and then there is Bethenny Frankel. Fans can remember when she was starting out, begging people to sample her healthy food in supermarkets and starting her Skinny girl franchise, today she owns several companies. She left New York to host her own national talk show. Sonja Morgan is building a brand.

While there is drama, that’ why we tune in, but not likely to see any hair pulling fights. Despite their wealth, the drama is relateable, women rebuilding their lives, surviving divorce, motherhood, death.  If you a fan of the housewives or reality TV, New York is worthy of a visit. Sorry Atlanta, the  New York houswives are now the one to watch




RHONY’S  Season 8 Episode 9

”Berkshires County”

“Put Last Night’s Episode In the Smithsonian Where it belongs!”

 Kara Brown:

“What is the best reason to visit the Berkshires? The Fireworks Display!”

Perez Hilton

“Rhony Has Once Again Proven Its the Best City in the Franchise”

IIana Angel: Jewish

Last week on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen teased that this episode of RHONY was in the top five best episodes in the series. ANDY COHEN SPEAKS THE TRUTH. I don’t even know how to fully recap this since most of the language is, shall we say, colorful. And I mean with a big, big C.

Tim Stack: Entertainment

Bethenny Frankel, Luann de Lesseps

(Caution: Nevah evah joke, tease or play with Bethanny’s Frankle’s Skinnygirl Brand)

It was supposed to be a slumber Christmas Party at Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires.

Everyone was invited except Sonja. Bethanny recently ripped her a new one, because of a new business venture called Tipsy-Girl. In light of the fire, Dorinda told Sonja, next party.

Carole is dating a youngster who once dated Luann’s niece, and Luann’been quite nasty and says at one point Luann called her a pedophile.

Meanwhile, (you make have to take notes on this one)  LuAnn is in love. (pencils up)

With a man she has been dating for a while (how long-well this is LuAnn) with the exception of Dorinda, she has kept this man on the down-low.

During this episode we learn her man (who she may marry) has dated Ramona and dated Sonja off and on for 10 years. This man has shared his DNA with three Housewives. LuAnn strongly believes in the “Girl Code” which will be tested on this episode.

Remember, Bethanny and her Skinnygirl Brand?  Well at one point LuAnn may have said she came up with the Idea.    The result Bethanny becomes unhinged, goes all the rails and screams and yells at LuAnn for evah.

Meanwhile in New York, Sonja gets her vagina refreshed.

The episode is a shocking, often funny, sometimes tragic one act play.