Electric Swamp Sandwich

It sucks, Sucks, I MEAN Really Sucks 2 B U !


(Photo: Newsweek)

              He said What! Your Fffing Kidding me Right?                      Oh F***, F***,F***

After many weeks of Hand Wringing, Paul Ryan finally endorses Donald Trump and then Donald ……………..


Hey Paul !  TRUMP U!


Donald Trump apparently does not understand what racism is, even though he's spewing it repeatedly against U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

Yes, the Judge was born in Indiana, but he is Mexican, MEXICAN, MEXICAN!201602249_trump_university_1_GTY_1160.jpg

Sleep with my wife, slap my kids, cook my dog, but Don’t  “F’ with My University!

So what if that old lady had to sell her walker, she didn’t have any money left to go anywhere ANYWAY!

Yes, I’m Unhinged, and Expect More when I Become President!  And by the way, the Mexicans love me!


After she Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries

She’s gonna buy Puerto Ricoeasyrock-news-tayvin-split

Taylor Swift thought Calvin Harris was da one.  Now she’ll have number ones.


Jay Z gotta a song in him,too

Conservative news pundit  Tomi Lahren went after his wife’s (scary)  halftime show saying “Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years he sold crack cocaine”

The Billionaire, responds to her in  song.

“Bitch I been brackin’ since the ’80s Google me baby, you crazy’89 in London pull the Benz up Type it in, Google’s your friend bruh 14-year drug dealer and still counting. Who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant”

She may take this advice

PLEASE leave it alone, don’t throw rocks at the throne/Do not bark up that tree, that tree will fall on you.”

Jay Z

Who is going to be the next Mayor of Sacratomatoville?

Housewife vs Moneybags Malone 

Angelique (Coupon Clipping is a good thing) Ashby


Darrell (All My Money is on the up and up) Steinberg

Will it be close ? Or Will There be a run off in November?


I am Woman hear me Bore!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts on stage at a rally at Sacramento City College, Sunday, June 5, 2016, in Sacramento, Calif. Photo: John Locher, AP / Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistribu

Some say this is her best week EVER!   One of the takeaways from her Sacramento appearance was the need to remind Everyone she would be the first female president.

Ladies and Gentleman, would you join me in an arousing!


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