A Titi for your thoughts? A mispronunciation may cost Ellen $$

Pictures: Heavy.com

“In all of her 35 years of life, no one has ever called her  ‘titty’ until  Ellen did on  Feb. 22, 2016 on national television,”

Her name is Titi Pierce she is a Real Estate Broker in Georgia

Ellen DeGeneres has a segment on her show called   “What’s Wrong with these Ads … and These Signs?”

The Broker had a sign that included her name ” Titi Pierce , her picture and her personal Cell# (The things they do in Georgia).    Behind her ad was another sign for the “Nipple Convalescent Home,” with DeGeneres wondering aloud whether “Ms. Pierce had visited a nipple home.”


The show aired when she was out of town at a family funeral and Ms Pierce began receiving calls. She eventually found out the calls was a result of the signs appearing on her show.


Her representative said it is highly offensive to an ordinary person to be called ‘titty’ on national television,” the suit says, adding that Pierce has suffered stress, embarrassment, humiliation and anger over the incident


The broker claims DeGeneres ignored her attempts to correct the pronunciation of her name and her plea to blur out her phone number for when the segment aired again in April.

She wants $$$


Stay  Tuned.