Dear Paul Ryan, I’m not a Mexican

Paul Ryan on ABC

I’m a black man from the great state of California.  When I was a young man, some of my employers would tell me how exceptional I was as a black man.  How different I was, at the time I felt special “EXCEPTIONAL” I was better than those other blacks.

As I matured, I realized being the good one wasn’t a compliment.

Through the years, I have been in many organizations where I was the only person of color.  In these organisations, people would praise black people, politicians, entertainer and sport figures.   However, they would openly speak negatively about other races. Praising “African Americans” and disparaging  Mexicans, Indians, and Filipino’s in my presence.

After a meeting, I shared my discomfort with someone I thought was a friend, two days later I was called into a meeting and a week later I was demoted.  They said I would be reconsidered.

If your a person of color, you can sense who is a racist. There is often a distance, and an ignorance (which is the root of racism) that seeps out in a comment or statement.   No hue is exempt and  you when an individual makes a negative statement about a person of color, it resonates with all people of color.

No, I’m not Mexican, however the negative words used by the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for the President of the United States affects more than Mexicans.

If you looks closely at the televised protests,they include many African Americans.We know how it feels to be called, thugs, rapists, murderers. Earlier this year Maine’s Governor Paul Le Page said “Drug dealers with names like “D-Money,” “Smoothie,” and “Shifty” who bring heroin in from out of state and often “impregnate a young white girl” before they leave.   So  we can realate,the wound for many if us is fresh

As an Independent voter, who believe the system is rigged and third or fourth party is needed for real change in this country.  I have hoped for leadership within the Republican Party, because I cant imaging a one party system . However, its hasn’t happened.

Your support of this racist brings your judgement into question. For every Republican who supports this politician WILL damage there position in their community. Perhaps for many many years to come.  It’s possible he may win the race but lose the war. There are many who believe he will lose the race and the war .

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