11 Day 3300 Mile Super Road Trip (Day 10) Expressway To Vegas Baby!

I got an early start from Albuquerque.  Vegas was nine hours away. Interstate 40 was gonna get me home.  West bound 40 was beautiful, with an continuous changing landscape, from flat mountains , Red Desert and Mesas to mountains filled with tall green trees.a very entertaining drive.

One thing I have learned to appreciate  is the Truck Stop. You gotta love a well equipped Truck Stop. With restaurants and stores in these mega complexes.  The stores has clothes ( in my size and larger) appliances, DVDs Laptops, Restaurant and many have showers  (if your feelin dingy).  Private places where one can rinse the road off.

I think I overheard someone in a growly voice say ” I can do your back if you wanna?”. I’m good thanks. Did you see the game last night? Exit, stage right .

When you think or Arizona, you think of deserts.  Flagstaff, Arizona elevation 6900 feet was a wonderful surprise and a distraction.  Its surrounded by trees, the air is fresh, the city has history and its the home of Northern Arizona University.

The students bring energy and there were quite a few tourist.  “What a distraction” I considered spending the night, but I had to focus.  Vegas offered slots and cheap room and eats.

Three hours and a good slice of Italian Pizza made by an Irish woman its time for road.

Another late night arrival, the the mountainous highway curved its way toward Las Vegas.

As I entered Nevada, the price of fuel increased again. 20 cents a gallon, so like a lot of people I made a u-turn and returned back to Arizona and filled up there.

My Garmin took me across Hoover Dam and as I entered Las Vegas, I remembered one important thing, I don’t like Vegas.    There is something magical about the name, but once I’m there its like ok.

The building are impressive, there is a lot of energy.  But what if you don’t like the mega casinos, with out of control adults?  What are your options?  I have had good times with friend in the city and I like Downtown, where locals are found.   Where are the unique walkable neighborhoods?  Where are the attractions beyond the strip and downtown.

Reno offers a many quiet places, so does New York City.  Its not just Times Square.

Its midnight and once again I’m without a place to lay my head.


The weekday room prices are very very low.  As low as $15*  However, fees can easily increase that rate to *45.   Henderson was a better better bet it was in the wrong direction.

I chose Circus Circus, the check in line was long. I’m fourth from the front and reached for my wallet, which wasn’t in my back pocket. it  wasn’t in my front pockets.  SHIT its on the front seat of my open car.  Praise Wendy’s , it was there.  Back in line.

Carrie, the lady who checked me in, gave me a red carnation and upgraded my room as a post birthday gift. Its been a good trip.  The room was very nice and impressive, my view was Las Vegas Blvd.   After midnight, room service wasn’t an option and most of the restaurant where closed.  Dinner was Subway.



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