Father’s Day

In his concert film, Bill Cosby talked about the lack of recognition dads get.  After the mortgage, the braises, the college tuition.  You child walks across the stage and says “Thanks Mom”

This morning as I was walking through Caesar Chavez Park, a man was sitting in the park with a glass. I assumed he was staying at the Citizens Hotel across the street. `

Good Morning, I said.

You have any children? he asked.   Yes, I said   (I sat down)

I have five children three boys and two girls.  I worked 37 years on a job I didn’t like, but I  stayed, I had a family and a sick child.  I paid for all their educations   Gave my daughter money to help her get out of debt after she divorced her second husband..  Helped one of my boys put a down payment on his house.

And I get a red necktie for father day.  I think its the same one they got me  for my birthday

I guess I’m jealous, there is a family in the hotel making a fuss over their father, his grand-kids are there.

Never happen to me, ever happen to you?  Your too young to have grandkids.

Mothers day is a big deal, the whole family take her out . But on fathers days its the beans, fathers get nothing. Even for the birthday, nothing.

I’m going back across the street.

Happy Fathers Day.