Opinion: Saying No to the local Pastor

Hundreds protest pastor who praised Orlando massacre

Photo: Kcra

If we have learned anything from Donald Trump, negativity will get you press. The local Pastor went globe for celebrating the deaths of those killed in the Orlando Massacre.

His anti-gay rant gave him the attention that he may never see again.  He has likely received donations from all over America from like minded individuals. Individuals filled with hate.  People who believe their America has let them down.  Allowing same sex couples to marry.

We are seeing examples of this hate, all over the country with State, counties, city’s  passing anti-gay measures.   Hidden in the North Carolina Bathroom law, are laws affecting gays, people of color, poor and women.Insuring the hate is disbursed equally..

Hundreds of people who protested the local pastor, may inspire others, who stand to financially benefit from hate speech.   News mentions of protests conducted by the Westboro Baptist Church generates money.  They plan to protest the funerals of the Orlando victims .

Its very clear the young pastor is enjoying his international attention. If donations to his church increases, expect more inflammatory speech from the good pastor.

I am very proud of my city and its citizens standing against hate. But it needs to end here.   Prolonged protest will encourage him and  empower him and others, because there is money in hate.