Adventures in Dating in Online Dating 2016A Two Eggs over Lube

They met on a dubious gay site. A site where there are no last names and where telephone numbers are deleted after the meeting.  After about a hour of chatting online the two exchanged telephone numbers.    Both men are in their fifties.

Neither man had real expectations of a relationship or a friendship. The purpose of this site was close encounters of the brief kind.

Early the next morning, one of the men called and invited the other man for breakfast.

This is very unusual, but he agreed, after all they had a pretty good discussion the night before.

They agreed on a time but not a location.    The caller admitted one of his shortcomings was indecision, with the exception of work , its difficult for him to make up his mind.  So the man on the other end took charge and agreed to meet him at a location, not far from the lake.

The breakfast went okay, no one seemed dissapointed, and the conversation was relaxed.

Both men were free on this weekday and the invitee asked if he wanted to get together later as he had errands.  The other man wasn’t sure, and spent four minutes deciding, and saying he may have planes later.   This was a sign and the invitee backed off.

With his chores complete the invitee went to a local bathhouse.  Once inside, he saw his breakfast mate, in a towel and hands covered in lube.  I didn’t know I was coming here?  Well looks as if your planning to cum somewhere  (delayed confused laugh) I gotta go, I would shake…you know, lets elbow bump, I’ll probably call you later,  Okay?