Opinion: Dems Sit in good, But……..

Rep. John Lewis, second from right, sits with other Democrats on the House floor as<a href="http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/22/politics/john-lewis-sit-in-gun-violence/index.html"> they try to force a vote on gun control</a> on Wednesday, June 22. Lewis posted <a href="https://www.facebook.com/RepJohnLewis/posts/10154185589303405:0" target="_blank">the above photo to his Facebook account saying</a>, "We have a mission, a mandate, and a moral obligation to speak up and speak out until the House votes to address gun violence. We have turned deaf ears to the blood of the innocent and the concern of our nation. We will use nonviolence to fight gun violence and inaction."

To hear, “We shall Overcome” warmed the heart of this seasoned rabble rouser.  I’m not sure I want Nancy Pelosi to have a solo-she’s good as a distant background singer.

Polls indicate a vast majority of Americans want background checks. According to CNN/ORC  poll released monday  90% of Americans support background checks.  92% of Americans say they wanted expanded background checks.  More Republicans then Democrats support preventing people on the terror watch list or “no fly” list from buying a gun.

Despite information from the FBI and others agency’s the Republicans are attempting to make Orlando and an International Terrorism issue.  If they can connect Orlando and San Bernardino to a terrorism group perhaps it will change public opinion or at the very least buy them time through November.

The sit in will generate discussion this morning which could bring  more pressure  on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to bring a substantial bill to the house and senate.

The Dems, could build on this, its clear the Republicans have chosen to side with the National Rifle Association over their constituents.   Their actions might bring a march on Washington, reminding the public to remember in November,  I was encouraged for the first time and then I remembered the Dems history of collapsing . A  bright light that quickly burns out.

As I watched on CNN, a Democrat said the point of the sit in was to start a dialogue and to raise money.



Perhaps, he was a maverick, perhaps he went rogue.


The Republicans are dragging their feet, its clear the NRA is in control. Lets blame the foreigners, the radical Islamist, Jihad,Isis anyone but good old Americans.  Just listen to them scream it was ISIS  The truth (see timeline) more than 90 percent of murders was committed by  American.  The FBI monitored the Orlando killer who has said he was a member of many radical groups, however, the FBI weren’t able  officially connect him to any organization.   And while the Republican are blocking legislation we cant let the Democrats off the hook.  When they  had the majority in both houses, they were were unsuccessful.

For the last eight years Americans have been held hostage by a do nothing congress. The result is Sanders and Trump.  Americans have been screwed by both parties.Public supporters of Democratic members of Congress staging a

Supporters of the Democratic representatives gathered outside the US Capitol

I was encouraged last night. However, based on history, I have low expectations. If change is going to take place, We will have make that happe


September 13,2004-Federal Assault Weapon Ban expired

March 12,2005-7 Killed-Living Church of God-Brookfield, Wisconsin

March 21,2005-9 killed 7 Injured  Red Lake Minnesota

Jan 30,2006-6  Killed, US Postal Facility Goleta, California

October 6,2006-5 Children Killed- 6 Injured -Nickles Mine, Pennsylvania*

February 12,2007- 5 Killed-Trolley Square Mall-Salt Lake City, Utah

April 16,2007-32 Killed-17 Injured-Virginia Tech University Blacksburg,Virginia*

December 5,2007-8 Killed-4 Injured- West Roads Mall-Omaha, Nebraska

February 2,2008-5 Killed-1 Injured-Brookside Marketplace-

Tinley Park, Ilinois

February 14,2008-5 Killed-16 Injured-Northern Illinois University-

DeKalb, Illinois

September 2,2008-6 Killed-4 Injured-Alger,Washington

December 24,2008-9 Killed-Covina,California

March 10,2009-10 Killed-6-Injured-Geneva County Alabama *

March 29,2009-8 Killed-2 Injured-Carthage Nursing Home-Carthage, North Carolina

March 29,2009-6 Killed-Santa Clara, California

April 3,2009-13 Killed-4 Injured-American Civic Association Immigration Center-Binghamton, New York 1

November 5,2009-13 Killed-32 Injured-Fort Hood, Texas*1

February 12,2010-3 Killed-3 Injured-University of Alabama-Huntsville,Alabama

August 8, 2010-8 Killed, 2 Injured-Manchester, Connecticut

January 8,2011-6 Killed-11 Injured-Safeway Market-Tuscon,Arizona

October 12,2011-8 Killed-1 Injured-Hair Salon-Seal Beach, California

April 2,2012-7 Killed-3 Injured-Oikos University-Oakland, California*

July 20,2012-12 Killed-58 Injured-Century Theater-Aurora,Colorado*

August 5, 2012-6 Killed-1 Injured-Sikh Temple-Oak Green, Wisconsin

September 28,2012-6 Killed-1-Injured-Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 21,2012-3 Killed-4 Injured-Brookfield,Wisconsin

December 12, 2012 -27 Killed-1 Injured-Sandy Hook Elementary-Sandy Hook, Connecticut *

June 7,2013-5 Killed-Santa Monica,California

September 16,2013-12 Killed-3 Injured-Washington Navy Yard-Washington,D.C*

April 2,2014-3 Killed-11 Injured-Fort Hood Texas*

May 23,2014 6 Killed-7 Injured-Isla Vista, California

June 18,2015-9 Killed-Emanuel African Methodist Church-Charleston, South Carolina

July 16,2015-5 Killed-3 Injured-Chattanooga,Tennessee

October 1,2015-9 Killed-9 Injured-Umpqua Community College-Roseburg, Oregon*

November 29,2015-3 Killed-9 Injured-Planned Parenthood-Colorado Springs,Colorado*

December 2,2015-14 Killed-22 Injured-San Bernardino, California *1

June 12,2016-49 Killed-54 Injured-Pulse Night Club-Orlando,Florida*


  • *Used an Assault Weapon or Semi Automatic Weapon
  • (1) Killer was born outside the United States



NRA supporters says if more people had guns………..

There are more guns in America than any time in the history of this nation.

How are those guns making us safer?





































































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