Remember This Scene from “The Shining”? So does Leslie Mills (friend)of Florida



26 yo Leslie Mills stepped out while home boy (their relationship hasn’t been established) was sleeping.   When she returned home, she was in the mood for a little bit of home boy lovin.   He was asleep when she arrived and attempted to wake him up.

Home boy was tired and left the bedroom to sleep on the couch.  Before he could find that sweet spot, Mills was on top of him, demanding Noogy.

Home boy, needing some peace went to the bathroom and locked the door.   Mills is not the woman to say no to! She forced the bathroom door open, home boy noticed a hatchet in her hands as she raised it to remind him of Jack Nicholson role in the movie (not really-got carried away sorry) .

Home boy was able to get the hatchet away from her and ran to freedom (outta that place) and called the po po.

When the Ocala Florida police arrived,  Home Boy was outside, they noticed a large bite mark on his left bicep. While they noticed damage on the bathroom door, the hatchet was in its place on the living room wall.

When the police spoke to Mills she was in her bathrobe and appeared to be intoxicated.

She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic battery. Free on $5500 bond, Mills is scheduled for a July 26 court hearing.