SOMEBODY! tell a joke….


Come on America its dark out there.  Social Media is like a tomb.  Individuals dredging up two and three year old videos of police brutalizing citizens.

Thursday night, I shared my  life as a black man.   By Friday, I was overwhelmed by the news and sadness and anger  I needed break for one day, I didn’t want to talk to another person about to share tales of  sadness and despair

On Saturday I posted the following to my Facebook page:

Not doing it today. Taking pictures, listening to comedy on Satellite Radio. Working out. calling a few friends in the south and east coast. (Once I find my cell phone and pay the bill. ) Unapologetically selfish today. My life matters. Who knows a good joke?

The response was positive, quite a few people “liked” the post.  Then there were others who  chose to send a message instead.,with one person saying they felt it was too soon.

I drove to Jackson to visit friends.  Wanting a coke, I stopped at a Mini Mart. While it could have been me: I felt the room tense up as I stood in line waiting to pay. Everyone was very quiet. ( I wonder if some people think that black people are angry at white people)  A dine fell out of my pocket and then a penny and then my keys.Irritated I told the dime,penny and the keys to knock it off.   People laughed, one woman said she hates when things jump out of her purse. The same women, waived as she was pulling away.

I recognize we all heal differently.  If you need the anger or reinforcement via video or think my approach is too simplistic ,then you are not happy with me and that’s okay .

I believe change happens with one person, then another person. Tomorrow my anger might return but that’s tomorrow.  Life ends in a moment and at this very moment I’m choosing happiness.