“Sweetie Darlings” Ab Fab Splashes in Sacramento on Friday Bringing Style and Panache to The Tower Theater


Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley

At the American Premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in New York,  Monday at the SVA Theater

Sex in the City was bawdy they drank, they swore and there was nudity.  Not one of those ladies could hold a candle to Edina and Patsy.

Drug Abuse, drunken brawls, cigarettes, orgies, fights, and of course Fashion!   Labels! Labels! Labels! darling. Its about What’s In! What’s Now! the rest of the world be dammed!

Ab Fab premiered in Britain 1993. A few years later the show was broadcast in the US via Comedy Central . Ab Fab sporadic run (sorta likes Cher’s farewell tour) finally ended with a special in 2012.

The British Film Institute ranked Ab Fab as the 17th greatest British TV show of all time.  The “Fashion” episode was ranked 47 as TV Guide’s 100 Greatest Episodes of all time. It also appears twice on TV Guide’s…

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