When One Donut Isn’t Enough


Everything is better when its fried. Twinkies, potatoes, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on ( Ok I’ll stop).

Sometimes there is nothing better than a Donut.  The feeling hit you, usually early morning when they are fresh or when your me, late at night.   In Sacratomatoville,  I know all the spots.  I’m a Donutologist (could be a word) my keen senses know when dough is about to be lowered in some hot oil.

A perfect donut, is one that is properly fried without an oil or worse an old oil after taste.

Krispy Creme has mastered the frying but the robotic donuts are too small and sweet for my tastes.  Plus I don’t want a boutique donut.

When I lived in San Francisco, I knew Rolling Pin Donuts in Colma dropped theirs at midnight.   In the City, the donut shop on Chestnut and Steiner in the Marina dropped theirs at three.  Occasionally I would run into baseball legend Joe Dimaggio who would order a Bear Claw and coffee. I understand the shop recently closed after nearly 30 years at that location. A victim of San Francisco astronomical rents.


In Sacratomatoville, Marie’s Donut on Freeport drops about 1am, the Marie’s on Watt Ave in North Highlands 3am.  Both locations make excellent donuts. Its not uncommon for lines to form after the clubs closed at the Freeport location.     Watt has an older and steady clientele, for years I’ve seen the same men gather inside.

My favorite donut shop is King Donuts on Zinfandel in Rancho Cordova. There donut’s are near perfect, light fluffy, and no oily aftertaste.  The problem,they open at 4.30 and they are in Rancho.

If I’m near Kings Donut in the morning I almost always stop. The problem is restraint.   I want to order a glaze and sugar twist.  I see ordinary people ordering A donut and leaving. I hate these disciplined people! I overheard one Hussy (I overuse bitch) telling someone on the phone the last time she was here she couldn’t finish HER donut. (I wanted to slap the phone out of her hand) !   I am a big man,  one donut is never enough, EVER!













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