Heartbroken in Philadelphia

He was someone who spoke to them , directly to them not at them.  Politicians typically direct their message to the tried and true,the middle aged and older voters who regularly participate in the process

Young voters aren’t solid voters. They rarely come out in large numbers . They can’t relate to preserving social security, strengthening the military, making the rich pay more in taxes or cutting taxes for the middle class.  These aren’t their issues, as they are struggling to carve their way in the world.  So they’re often dismissed by the politicians .

Once in a blue moon there is a candidate who talks directly to them. Ron Paul, Howard Dean, and Barrack Obama.

For me it was George McGovern.  I was 16 at a time when you needed to be 21 to vote.    I was invited  to attend a McGovern rally at the Cow Palace just outside of San Francisco.

McGovern spoke to me. He spoke about young black men, we weren’t victims, evil or charity cases. He talked about the war and talked about 18 year olds dying for this country and unable to vote.

I was hooked.  I volunteered ,doing anything that was asked of me.  When he lost to Richard Nixon, I was depressed, for a week my mother couldn’t get me to go to school . I knew my world would never be the same and the government was going to make me fight in an illegal war.

The first disappointment is the worst. The world kept on turning and what I thought would happen didn’t.  I never became a fan of Nixon.

Last night I remembered as I watched the tears on the faces of the Bernie supporters. . Who were hoping for a last minute miracle. For a lot of these young adults, this was their first campaign.

This morning in Philadelphia there are many heartbroken Bernie supporters . Supporters who have dedicated their souls to someone who say’s they believed in them.  Many of these young people have spent their last dime to attend the Democratic National Convention and feel the system has let them down.  Maybe they’re right.

The person they believe in, has told them to support the enemy. At the end of day it comes down to two. The lessor of. Perhaps he’s right,but not today,the heart needs time to heal.