It’s down to two choices Skippy or Jif


If your familiar with politics this happens EVERY four years. Two basic choices, there are other candidates running for President, but the system IS rigged. Most Americans will choose Skippy or Jif.

Remember, there were nearly twenty candidates between the two parties. it takes thousands of dollars of support just to run in the primaries. Their supporters were very passionate and fiercely believed in their candidate. One by one as each candidate dropped out race they left many heartbroken and disillusioned supporters.

Variations of this democratic process takes place all of the world.

If it’s your first time participating in the process I must warn you it will happen again!

A lot of us in the country are scared. Its not a Obama vs Romney or Bush vs Gore.

One of our options is  self destructive narcissist who demands constant attention.   This isn’t a rumor We’ve all seen it, the world has.

The world sees him for what he is and he has time after, time has shown us and told us , ‘he is not going to change!”

He has told us, he knows more than the experts. Knows more than people who have dedicated their lives working in the military and fiance. He alone can fix it. Yet he has struggled with his own finances. Actual Billionaires questions his membership in their club.

He ignores the very people he hired to help him.

I don’t want to sound like a Hillary supporter which I am. I’m talking about what we’ve all witnessed , a man so thin-skinned he goes off topic for Revenge.

I’m not one of those who believe he would take us into war. He would most certainly alienate our allies as he has most of the Republican party. I am concern about a trade war which would do more harm than a bomb, leaving more casualties.

The alternative is Hillary. People say she lies.( They all lie)  They say they can’t support Hillary she’s in bed with the big Banks.   I say look at their Resumes.

Our landscape is littered with dissapointed,heartbroken individuals, who believed in Carson, Bush, Sanders, Rubio, Kasich, O’Malley, Huckabee, Chaffee,Santorum, Graham, Gilmore, Christie, Jindau,Perry, Pataki, Fiorina,Paul and many others.

Should you choose to sit out the election because your man wasn’t chosen. Your vote might be the vote that makes the difference.

While I hope you vote for Hillary, its more important that you vote.

If you have family in another country you may have an option to leave. Seriously most of us don’t have the option. Only people with(some) money can successfully make that leap.

If you sit on your hands you may possibly leave your child, young cousin, nephew or niece to navigate in a Trump world.

Should they ask who did you vote for. You can honestly say you voted for change or leave them with the message, it you don’t get what you want, then you shouldn’t play. .


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