A Head Butt in the face is not Continental

Especially  when that face belongs to your mother.

The issue was fast food.

 30 year old Derek Foreman of Largo Florida was dissapointed in his mothers choice of fast food.

She brought home Chick fil A, he wanting SOMETHING else.

His dissapointed increased to rage and his mother ended up with a split lip.

She called the Po Po.

Which probably meant no one had Chicken that evening.  Salt-lip ( get it!)

While he may feel justified, because of his discerning palate.

The Police calls it  domestic battery,  which is a misdemeanor.

So the head butting gourmet, will have the opportunity to critic the cuisine at the county jail.

Or darn, I forgot to mention he was drunk at the time of the head butting and  was ordered to stay away from mom.

Now mom lives in a world where she has the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!    From, the Colonel, Popeye’s,Churches, or any chicken joint she pleases.  Without the fear of being butted in the head!