GOP: Ride or Die?

For months  Donald Trump has single handily pushed the GOP into a narrow corner. A corner that could harm the party for decades.

Mr Trump has few allies within the party.  The parties elite avoided the convention with most sitting on the fences.   At stake is the Supreme Court, the risk is further harm to the party.

Its very likely in less than ten years, three of the largest red states could turn blue.

In some circles DT is known as the Teflon man.  Controversy has had little effect on the non politician and the facts doesn’t matter to his supporters.   But that was nearly six days ago.

Two weeks ago at the Republican National Convention.  Patricia Smith said “This entire campaign comes down to a single question: If Hillary Clinton can’t give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency?”  She went on to say  “Hillary for prison. She deserves to be in stripes.”     Mrs Smith believes Hillary Clinton was responsible for the death of her son Sean Smith during the Benghazi Attack

Last Thursday,at the Democratic National Convention. Khizr Khan said ” Hillary Clinton was right when she called my son “the best of America.” If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America. Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims. He disrespects other minorities — women, judges, even his own party leadership. He vows to build walls and ban us from this country.

Donald Trump, you are asking Americans to trust you with our future. Let me ask you: Have you even read the U.S. Constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words “liberty” and “equal protection of law.” Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery? Go look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending America — you will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.  Mr Khan’s son was killed in Iraq in 2004.

With less than 100 days to go before the Election.  Mr Trump is embroiled in a war of words with Mr Khan.   His seemingly lack of compassion to the Gold Stars family has taken hold.

  ( As of this writing I have not located an official response from Hillary Clinton to Mrs Smith comments from the Republican National Convention)


What is a Gold Star Family?

It dates to World War I, according to the United States Army. Families with relatives in the armed forces flew flags and banners with a blue star for those serving in wartime or during other hostilities. The flags are authorized by the Defense Department. If the service member is killed, the blue star is replaced by a gold one.

“This allowed members of the community to know the price that the family had paid in the cause of freedom,” according to the Army’s site.

Congress authorized the military in 1947 to issue gold star lapel pins to family members of those killed in action. It is a gold star on a purple background, surrounded by laurel leaves.

“The nation recognizes the sacrifice that all Gold Star Family members make when a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or other loved one dies in service to the nation,” the site states.

In 1973, Congress approved another pin — gold on a gold background, surrounded by four oak sprigs — for the next of kin of service members who die during active duty or while assigned to the Army Reserve or Army National Guard drills.

Source: New York Times


Politicians from both sides of the aisle have soundly criticized Trump.  Brian Duffy, the recently elected commander in chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, released a  statement saying that the organization “will not tolerate anyone berating a Gold Star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression.”  Duffy added that “there are certain sacrosanct subjects that no amount of wordsmithing can repair once crossed.”

Struggling with women voters. DT stumbled again. He recently said  he thinks it’s “very sad” that women at Fox News are “complaining” about being  sexually harassed  by former Fox chief Roger Ailes.   When asked ,what if someone had treated Ivanka in the way Ailes allegedly behaved?   “I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case,”  

2016 is the year of the Pissed Off Electorate

For nearly eight years politician have held the voters hostage . The war between Democrat’s and Republicans resulting in a do nothing  Congress has made the electorate angry, demanding a change.

For many Republicans, Donald Trump represents that change. Appealing to the base DT has severely narrowed the already narrow corners of the GOP.  For many, there has never has been a polarizing candidate as Mr Trump. He had offended more than 20% of the population, particularity voters of color.

Many members of the GOP have taken of roll of the dice and swallowed. After all, he has defeated some elite members of the party.  If you are currently running for office in a safe district, drafting DT may be a safe bet in 2016.  However, if your not in a safe distinct with you risk losing large should he stumble.  The risk is greater for those in the Senate.  However should he succeed and your on the wrong side…………

Many members of the GOP are defecting.  Yesterday, Jeb Bush’s top adviser, Sally Bradshaw, left the Republican Party to become an independent. Bradshaw “This is a time when country has to take priority over political parties. Donald Trump cannot be elected president,”

There are many members of the GOP who plan to sit this election out.  There are others who quietly intends to vote for Hillary this fall.

DT has had a terrible week.  Hillary’s bounce was higher than expected, he continues to have internal problems.  If you are a Republican in this odd year, do your Ride or Die?