Stockton’s Trump? Mayor Silva’s Hippity Hoppity Ride

Anthony Silva, Mayor of Stockton

Last April, In a mayoral debate with Councilman Michael Tubbs, Stockton’s Mayor Silva said he was Stockton first black mayor. This was in response to Tubbs statement : he was surprised Stockton never had a black mayor.

Silva: “I think I said, I’m not African American, but I’m pretty darn close. Quite frankly, I could be determined to be the first African-American mayor of Stockton.

Mayor Silva’s term in office has been marked by controversy, like Trump ,Silva often has to recant stories  and  from time to time accuses the press of getting it wrong. Unlike Trump, Mayor Silva has a good reputation within the Black and Latino communities.

The People’s Mayor

This means war: Stockton, Calif. Mayor Anthony Silva donned a knight’s helmet and brandished a spiked mace to argue for a new sales tax to pay for 100 more police officers.

When Anthony Silva entered the mayoral race he portrayed himself as the Peoples Mayor giving voice to those without a voice.  Stockton is the second most violent city in California and was the second largest city in America to file for bankruptcy protection.

In his first ‘State of the City’ address spoke to large crowd of citizens. In his speech he proposed a new tax to hire police officers.    Toward the end of his speech he put on a medieval helmet and a spiked club and challenged the crowd. Are you willing to come to war with me and fight so we can change things here in Stockton, California. Who’s willing? If you are willing, stand up and show me you are willing to fight for the city,” he said.   The crowd responded positively.  His critics in City Hall were not amused.

The following year,the Mayor slept under I-5 with the Homeless “to see what they go through. Again the move by the Republican Mayor proved popular with the local.

The Mayor proposed using the city’ empty warehouses as shelters for Stockton’s Homeless.


No one predicted Anthony Silva to win.   With 59% of the vote, Silva handedly beat the incumbent mayor .

 After six month of being in office The man some viewed as an outsider, was at war with most of the council and the city manager.



When was that again?

In February 2015, Mayor Silva told Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones his Beretta hand gun went missing.  He told reporters it went missing in a home he doesn’t live in

In January the gun was used in a shooting.  In February,  13 year old Rayshawn Harris, 13, was killed with the mayor’s gun.

A month after Harris was killed ,Mayor Silva told the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office that his home had been burglarized and his Beretta handgun was taken.The gun was used in other crimes in Stockton and was recovered in June at the scene of a domestic disturbance.

Mayor Silva, was not accused of criminal wrongdoing in the gun case. But the boy’s father, Willis Harris, questioned why the mayor had waited several weeks to make a report. “I’m just really tore up right now,” said Mr. Harris, 60, in an interview. “Why didn’t he report it? My child could still be here.”

The timeline continues to haunt Mayor Silva

For many years the Mayor has run a sleep-away camp in Amador county for a number of years, inviting at-risk youths (ages 7 to 17) for a week of bonfires and water sports. Parents pay on a sliding scale, with support from the Stockton Kids Club.

August 4, the Mayor was arrested at the camp activities that took place a year earlier.  He was charged with a felony and three misdemeanors for playing strip poker with teenagers,providing alcohol to minor and illegally secretly recording underage camp counselors.

Give us our clothes back,” one of the young women says at one point in the transcript. Another teen speaks of being “butt naked” and a third says she is “done with these (expletive) drinking bets.”   “All of the participants in the strip poker game at some point were naked,” one participant, identified as an 18-year-old female, told investigators later.

The information came from came from Silva’s cellphone.

In an affidavit, filed in the superior court of Amador County, investigators said that they had confiscated Mr. Silva’s cellphone in 2015, and that they found 23 pictures and four videos from the camp. According to the document, one video features a clothed Mr. Silva being accompanied by four teenagers, including a 16-year-old boy, in various stages of undress.

The Mayor says he is innocent!

“For the past week I have been raked over the coals by the media because I owned a gun and reported it missing,” “I also find the timing of the release of the DA’s report calculated and politically motivated, because it was well known that I would be out of town and unable to respond to any questions properly,” Silva added. “Except FOX 40 who found me on a mountain in the middle of a lake on a jet ski. I gotta give it to them there.”

 The Stockton Record’s longtime columnist, Michael Fitzgerald, called Silva “unfit for office.”

Bad  Luck?


The arrest of Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva came as no surprise to some of his Spanos Park neighbors who have been disgusted by the sight of empty alcohol bottles and used condoms in front of his home following parties frequented by young people.

Three neighbors who spoke on condition of anonymity because they fear retribution shared similar stories, saying the embattled mayor’s two-story residence has been the site of numerous parties since Silva moved into the home in January 2015.

Three neighbors said they have seen people who appeared to be in their teens smoking cigarettes and marijuana in the driveway. They observed what appeared to be underage drinking. They saw discarded condoms and liquor bottles strewn about the yard. On one occasion, they even encountered a disgraced celebrity who came to see Silva carrying two bottles of alcohol.

“Nobody wants that in their neighborhood,” one of the neighbors said. “I understand if I’m living in a neighborhood with college people, there are going to be parties and it’s going to be loud. You expect that. But when you live in a neighborhood like this with a lot of families and retired people, you do not expect when you get up in the morning to go get coffee and doughnuts for your kids to find UV (vodka) bottles and used condoms like you’re living on frat row.””

Other neighbors said they witnessed incidents that aroused suspicions. They said there were times when a car would pull up in front of Silva’s home in the middle of the night. Silva would come outside, approach the vehicle for some kind of hand-to-hand exchange and then return to his residence as the car drove away.

“We’ve had people knocking on our door at midnight holding bottles of alcohol, asking ‘Is Anthony here?’ ” one neighbor said. “There have been times my husband and I have looked at each other and said ‘We should call the cops, but what good is it going to do? He’s the mayor,’ ” she said. “What are we going to say? Come arrest the mayor?”

Second Term?

Despite all the calls for Mayor Silva to resign.  He is running for a second term against Councilmen Michael Tubbs 26, who beat Silva in the primary forcing a runoff this fall.

Silva is still popular in the neighborhoods, Tubbs is preferred by the establishment in an anti-establishment year. Silva recent controversies may be the crucial test for his followers in this city of 300,000 desperately needing some good news.




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Big city fella, Born and Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lived in New York (a part time New Yorker) for three years . I have lived in the Sacramento area since 1993. When I first moved here, I hated it. Initially found the city too conservative for my tastes. A great place to raise children however too few options for adults . The city has grown up, there is much to do here. The city suffers from low self esteem in my opinion, locals have few positive words to say about their hometown. visitors and transplants are amazed at what they find here. From, the grand old homes in Alkali Flats, and the huge trees in midtown, there are many surprises in Sacramento. Theater is alive is this area . And finally ,there is a nightlife... In.downtown midtown, for the young and not so young. My Criticism is with local government. There is a shortage of visionaries in city hall. Sacramento has long relied on the state, feds and real estate for revenue. Like many cities in America,Downtown Sacramento was the hub of activity in the area. as the population moved to the suburbs and retail followed. The city has spent millions to revive downtown. Today less than ten thousand people live downtown. No one at city hall could connect the dots. Population-Retail. Business says Sacramento is challenging and many corporations have chosen to set up operations outside the cities limits. There is vision in the burbs. Sacramento has bones, there are many good pieces here, leaders seem unable or unwilling to put those pieces together into. Rant aside, I love it here. From the trees to the rivers. But its the people here that move me. Sacramento is one of the most integrated cities in America. I find I'm welcome everywhere. The spices work in this city of nearly 500,000 and for the most part these spices blend well together. From Ukrainians to Hispanics and a sizable gay community, all the spices seem to work well here. I frequently travel and occasionally I will venture into a city with huge racial borders, where its unsafe to visit after certain hours. I haven't found it here. I cant imagine living in a community where there is one hue or one spice. I love the big trees, Temple Coffee House, the Alhambra Safeway, Zelda's Pizza, Bicyclist in Midtown, The Mother Lode Saloon, Crest Theater, and the Rivers. I could go on and I might. Sacramento is home.

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