He loves Loves LOVES Red Vans!

“Apologizing in advance”

A Swinger

Someone called the Dayton Ohio Police tuesday evening about a man pulling his pants down and WILDLY swinging on a stop sign.

Witnesses Said !

They saw him insert his genitals in the grill of a parked red van (allegedly high)

“Spent” Who has a Cigarette?

The suspect then briefly passed out in a yard before getting up and walking away after he “violated” the van, according to witnesses statements.

Well Hello Mr Henson

Man accused of trying to have sex with van in Dayton photo


The Police believed Thirty Five year old Michael William Henson was high when they picked him up.  He was charged with Public Indecency.  Not sure why they didn’t charge him for assaulting an innocent van?

I’m Good, Perhaps Some Counseling and a Hot Wash!

Police found the owner (owners name, make and model of the van withheld) and asked him if he witnessed the assault?  (not exactly) The owner said no.  The owner Fell to the ground and weeping uncontrollably. The officer attempting to comfort the owner telling him  It will be alright JUSTICE will be served!  (not really-but doesn’t it make good drama!)


Montgomery County  INN

(The lights are ALWAYS on!)

Henson is being held in the Montgomery County Jail (INN) on $2,500 bond.