A new direction for Cadillac?

If your a person who reads Car magazines you know Cadillac is building drivers cars. Cars that out BM BMW, out Mercedes, Mercedes Benz.  The ATS-V and CTS-V have won rave reviews through the years.  The new CT6 has received positive notices.

The problem is few people are buying Caddies.  As Buick is rapidly shedding its Grandpa image,Cadillac struggles.   There are still a few new 2015 Cadillac on the lots.  In the Luxury segment, only Lincoln sells fewer vehicles than Cadillac.

Some of the problems may be traced to the popularity of crossovers. Cadillac has one, Audi and Mercedes Benz has three each. There are two crossovers in the pipeline,  next up like likely to be a seven passenger crossover to join the newly released XT-5.

2017 Cadillac XT5 wheel.

Last year Cadillac moves their World Headquarters from Detroit to New York City’s trendy Soho district.

The 2017 CT6 is the current flagship.

See the Cadillac CT6 in action, where performance meets beauty.Discover a truly refined sedan in the Cadillac CT6

 Cadillac plans to develop eight new models by 2020.

Cadillac recently  unveiled the Escala “Spanish for scale” concept a vision for its new flagship sedan. It suggests a new direction for Cadillac.  The hard lines are softer, more fluid.

Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen introduced the vehicle at a private estate multi-million estate in Pebble Beach, California billed as the Monterey version of its New York-based Cadillac House  .

The Escala is the third redesign in recent times for  Cadillac. The billion dollar question will GM build it ?