2 minutes and a loaf of Buttermilk bread

A loaf of bread fell from the grocers shelf. If was random, no one was near the bread when it fell.  There were three of us in the aisle when it fell.   The woman nearest to the bread looked at the loaf and left the aisle.     Another woman looked down at the lone loaf on the floor and walked around it as she left the aisle.

I remained, I was curious if anyone would pick up the bread.  One man stepped over the load as he grabbed a loaf of Italian bread located on the lower shelf.  Two other shoppers noticed the loaf but walked passed.    One lady with her three kids in tow nearly ran over the loaf sparing the loaf  however, her son stepped on a corner of the loaf, the lady saw it and then looked back at me and then left the aisle.  I picked up the loaf of Oroweat Buttermilk bread with five or six slices crushed and placed it on the top of the shelves.

  Non of my business?  I didn’t do it, so I’m not getting invovled? Human nature.