The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne

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I didn’t live in Sacramento when the second Arco Arena opened,  It had to be the second coming of christ.  The  Golden 1 Center opens in two weeks with Sir Paul McCartney. (Millennials are looking him up on their smart phones ,Who? ) There is so much antipation, so much hope for a building that some believe will put Sactown on the map.  Silly me, I thought we were.  The spot where Sacramento is usually has a star in the center.

Every new  business downtown, every resturant is attributed to the half billion dollar arena.  I wonder if Atlanta, Dallas or Charlotte went Lady Gaga over their Arenas?   Is Sactown a larger Mayberry with one way streets?  Will there be an official ribbon cutting with a giant pair of scissors when it opens?

I’m concerned about Macy’s, the only store in Mayberry.  The company plans to close 100 stores nationwide.  Macy’s is directly across the street from the new building that cures acne.  Closing it would be dissapointing. Those of us who live downtown will be forced to drive to Arden Fair,  SHOCK! HORROR!    Should Macy’s close our city leaders would convert it to a WinCo Foods with a nail shop.

There is a lot riding on the Golden 1 Center, that massive new building without parking.

Fingers Crossed


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2 thoughts on “The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne

  1. It wouldn’t have been so bad if River City Brewing were allowed to be part of the Golden 1 Center, but heck, even Regional Transit is dropping the ball on this one. They’re promoting it as “Your ticket to Golden 1 Center Events”, but unlike most other venues, the public transportation system works with their big events.

    They don’t see that not everyone will drive to Arco, I mean Golden 1. Some who would like to attend events are reliant on public transportation, but how would that work when RT won’t provide final lines from light rail stations? The Light Rail runs longer than any of the lines that feed into it. When Candlestick Park was in full swing with Giants and 49ers games, MUNI had supplemental service to at least get those to or near their neighborhoods.


    1. The city is betting it all at Golden one. The location would make sense if sac supported public transit as San Francisco and Portland does. I hope the owners of Sleep Train will continue to use it. Thanks Bhimsen


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