Seattle’s Handy Man

Fifty year old Anthony Hardison is not a local celebrity, but he has been seen in and around Seattle.  Seen by local bus drivers and other locals. A few days ago Hardison was seen by an employee at the  King County Administration Building  which houses several county offices inclding the Sheriff’s office.

Mr Hardison was at the Admin Building to register as sex offender. An employee of the sheriffs department saw him standing at a desk area and looking at her. She told the cops he had his back to her while he was “moving his hips and his arm in an odd fashion.”.

Believing he up to no good with his hands. She verbally confronted  soon to be “offical ”  sex offender, who “stopped what he was doing and completed his required paperwork and left the area.”

She told her superior and the lobby video confirmed Har-dis-son was being handy in the lobby.

Seattle’s handy man was arrested for felony indecent exposure. When he comes up with $145K,  he can get out of Jail.  Hardison is categorized as the level 3 sex offender, the highest-risk designation.