Mayor Kevin Johnson Loves Pie-But not in his face!

Mayor Kevin Johnson draws cheers, criticism after slugging pie assailant

Not A Happy Mayor-GooglePhoto Philippe Ngabonziza Sacramento Magazine

Lucille Ball, Sid Ceaser, The Three Stooges, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks and other comics have taken pies to the face. In most cases the pie was pre-planned written in the skit.


How many black comics have taken a pie in the face?   Moooving On!

Kevin Johnson isn’t a comic, he’s a mayor who would have probably enjoyed a slice of Coconut Creme Pie.  After all it was produced locally in Sacramento at Safeway.

Enter Sacramento Community Activist Sean Thompson (the pie man). Who walked into Wednesdays charity event and sucker pie’d him.

A pie some of our homeless might have enjoyed.

His motive is isn’t clear, it all depends on the interview.  In the Atlantic, it was the money spent on the Golden 1 Arena. Sac Bee:he (the mayor)has to do better to represent the people.”  Note: The Mayor’s term ends in Dec.  Others: its about the homeless

Mr Thompson,the man on the ground in the fetal position feels the Mayor over reacted.

Guess he’s never pie’d a Black Mayor before.

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The mayor’s security is preventing the Mayor from turning his face into ground beef.

The Pie Incident went Global

Sean Thomson was arrested on a felony charge of assaulting a public official and misdemeanor charge of battery on school property.  When asked, would he do it again, he said Absolutely, he’d do it twice?

( I don’t think he would try la Mayor again-not  without the bodyguard)

Banking on his fifteen minutes, he may appear at the Council meeting tomorrow.

Hey, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, whats is YOUR favorite pie?


All Photo were taken by Philippe Ngabonziza

Sacramento Magazine