4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower

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 1.not carefully planned or considered.

2.”ill-conceived schemes”

Examples:  1. Donald Trump Candidacy/Debate Performance

2. A reality show starring Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

3. Sean Thompson hitting Mayor Kevin Johnson with a Safeway Pie


Sean Thompson, Sacramento’s Activist Coconut Creme pie thrower made an apperance at Tuesday’s Council meeting as promised.

In the last few days, he has become a innocent victim who just happened upon a charity event at Sacramento High School. WHEN a Safeway Coconut Creme pie freed itself from its bag and its packaging and forced him to hurl it at  Mayor Johnson.

Since Mayor Johnson dropped him(literally) ,he wants the charges dropped against him. Even right? (Ahh, my Amazon tablet say’s no) .   His savvy attorney will use the patent Coconut Cremea Defence, last used in 1942 by Larry, Curly and Moe.  It’s is rumored Dr Drew and Omarosa may testify.

The reason behind the attack has changed from interview to interview.  From being a voice for the homeless ,political theater to the Arena which opens next week.  Last week he told KCRA “he felt like he needed to do something jarring in order to get Kevin Johnson’s attention,”

Last night, burning though his last 4 minutes of fame with the HD cameras focused on him, he became Reverend Thompson, preaching to the council about the city’s homeless, and minorities and police department.  The Reverend told La Mayor  “This arena has been your circus,”  “You’ve been the lead clown, and that’s why I threw a pie at you.”


Sean or Reverend Thompson, we need you to sit down. Not sure where you live, but “NEWS FLASH”  The Arena is complete, your about couple of years too late to protest , there are a few Paul McCartney tickets left.  Another NEWS FLASH, Mayor Johnson will soon be the Former Mayor of Sacramento. So we need you to sit down. Well, stand up in court when they ask you  on October 20th and then sit down again.  Perhaps you need less pie and more fiber in your diet.    Please “B GONE!


A pissed Mayor (with pictures) Click the link below