Mad Angry and Pissed

Its midnight, and Wayne is pissed. On this night its about a trade ,something  he’s heard on sports talk radio.  It’s bull shit! Can you believe what they’re giving that jerk!  God Dammit!

On this night, he’s pissed, defcon three, the people of Sacramento are safe.

Wayne, delivers Newspapers to businesses five days a week.   He gets all his news from talk radio.  His favs being Michael Savage and  Coast to Coast radio with George Noory.  he seems to believe every conspiracy, and news reports on the radio.  Reading or hearing a different point of view isn’t an option.

I like the guy,we are boomers and he has a good heart.  Politically we are on opposite sides of the fence.  He is very conservative and Donald Trump is his Barack Obama, a man who represents change.  I consider myself a moderate and I occasionally listen to right wing radio as I enjoy hearing different points of view.

We bonded when I discovered he listened to  Coast to Coast Radio.   I found Coast to Coast (then featuring Art Bell) channel surfing in my car thirty years ago. His show is on glorious AM radio. Coast to coast was one of the few live options after 1am on the highways.  Unlike most talk shows, his show didn’t have a screener. So it can be a free for all.   It is the home of conspiracy theories and the paranormal.  Many of his callers have seen aliens and  many don’t trust the government.

Wayne is a believer.

He often shares what he hears with clients on his Newspaper route. This has been problematic for him.

I can almost guess his topic based on the headlines.  He was outraged (defcon three) after learning Obama, saluted the troops, with a cup a coffee in his hand. “Disrespectful”

I struggle with him, because he refuses to get news from other sources.  “The crimewave in Chicago”  “Hillary and Benghazi”  “Hillary and her emails”   If someone says it on talk radio Wayne repeats it.  Fact checkers, has it out for Donald, after all the system of rigged and the media cant be trusted.

We have had some heated discussions.of late.  Again ,it has less to do to his choice and more to do his refusal to educate himself and get information from other sources.  The good news their isn’t any anger, we spare like friends.   In the last few weeks, I stopped biting, no political arguments. I’m the person with the issues, I want him to be someone other than who he is.  So I’m pacing myself only nodding my head.

Some issues can send him to (Defcon one) he’s an easy read as his chest and neck are red and tight.   At one point, I insisted he sit down and drink water.  I explained to him , we will never meet Donald or Hillary and I didn’t want him to have a stroke due to talk radio.

I suggested he get Satellite radio and listen to music and comedy.  For three weeks his demeanor changed.  I saw him smile, he had “jokes” JOKES!   .

Last night he was at Defcon two. Not sure what was wrong, the debate?  or something he’s heard.Perhaps he is unhappy with Donald being in the polls after all the system is rigged.   Facts are like bullets on Superman’s chest, they bounce off him. He grunts as he drops the Newspapers on the counter! Wayne is mad, angry and pissed and he doesn’t want to talk!  Downtown is gonna be fucked up because of the Arena!   As he walks out, he tells me to have a good night.