How To Get Through The Loneliness Of Being So Single It Hurts

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By: Emily Blackwood/your



We’ve all been there.

The saying “When it rains, it pours,” typically refers to those beautiful moments in life when you’re single , and you have a buffet of male suitors to choose from.

Sadly there’s no magical formula to recreate this phenomena whenever we want because it happens for absolutely no reason what so ever. It’s random, weird, unexpected, and you should never, ever take it for granted because it probably won’t last for more than a week.

Pretty soon, the dating pool you were formerly drowning in completely dries up, and it feels like you’re the only single person within a 150 mile radius. 

The moments of utter loneliness are much more common, and have the capability to make you feel like a real ugly duckling. But you’re not.

You’re still a beautiful swan despite the fact that no other swans are currently hitting you up. 


Now when you’re feeling the effects of a dry spell, it’s easy to get desperate. You download Tinder again for the 40th time.  FaceTime your ex at 2 a.m. and even entertain some flirting from the creepy old guy at the gym, all in a sad attempt to feel better about yourself.

It feels insanely pathetic, but everybody goes through it. You have to ride out this storm of loneliness and the only way to survive is to try to change your perspective every single day.

For some reason dating just isn’t happening right now, and that’s okay. It’s not the only thing worth living for (remember pasta?), and there is a ton of other stuff you can focus on.

Get back in shape or start traveling again. Reconnect with friends or do some of those extra projects for work that you were putting off due to all the sex you were formerly having.


Because no matter how you spend  this uneventful period of your singlehood it will pass. The cycle will continue, and a guy (or a few) will come along again.

Don’t completely lose your mojo — or your dignity — just because you’re currently not on anyone’s radar. 

So spend this time wisely. Don’t get on Tinder,  and don’t call your ex. Find little ways to remind yourself that you’re fine, nothing has really changed and the dating scene will get exciting soon enough.

After all, one of the best parts about being single is getting to do whatever you want. And I highly doubt sitting on your couch moping about how no one likes you is really what you want.

Get off your ass and go live. Your suitors will be here shortly.