Reality to Reality: Only a Reality Star can Moderate the next Presidential Debate

The last Presidential debate was a circus where Donald Trump was the star, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper did their very best to contain the Businessman/Reality Star.

Lester Holt, was fair at best trying to contain the Trumpster.   Fox’s Chris Wallace will take his turn at the desk at the third and final debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

These are Professional news corespondents, with years of experience interviewing politicians .The problems is, Donald Trump is no politician. He is a businessman/reality show star.   To put out a fire, a big fire, you need Professional firefighters.   Reality Star Donald Trump needs a Reality Star to moderate the  next presidential debate.  Moderators of reality shows are experienced.

The front runners are , Maury Povich , Jerry Springer and Andy Cohen.

Springer a former politician has the temperament (a key word) to moderate a good debate however, should things become slow, he may encourage a fight between Clinton and Trump.

Before he became the king of paternity, Maury Povich was a news reporter with more than twenty years as news anchor.  Maury has presence, and is very experienced in controlling a room and he is the ONLY host who is able to perform a maternity test (should a woman in the Town Hall audience announce Donald touched and is the father of her triplets) within the allotted time.

Andy Cohen is significantly younger than Jerry and Maury.  While he doesn’t have their years of experience, what he does have is the ability to get information and instantly fact check the candidates and bring a level of entertainment to the debate.

Of the three men, only Andy as moderator has successfully moderated six or more reality stars on one stage.  Men and women who scream, throw tantrums and sometimes leave their seats to confront other reality stars. Watch as Andy inserts himself in some of these violent confrontations .

Should the goings get slow, Andy is very adept in stirring the pot.


It takes a Reality Star to Moderate a Reality Star

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In Las Vegas, Andy Cohen is THE man.

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