Clean Hands

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Remember that Seinfeld episode, where he was on date with a woman who’s father owned a restaurant.  At one point, Seinfeld went into the restroom and this man used the urinal and left without washing his hands.   Then the man turned out to the father of his date, who owned the restaurant.    The father went on to make them a pizza by hand and Jerry Seinfeld refused to eat the pie.    I can relate.

I would guess more than 60 percent of men bypass the sinks as they conclude their business.  I’m not a surgeon, but I wash my hands like one.  I often take several wash towels to open those doors that require turning or pulling. After all, I’ve invested time washing, drying to have it all undone by an unclean handle.


I recently learn that many women bypass the wash basins too.

For years, I gave women a pass but with this resent news, they have made the list.

While I don’t think I’m a germaphobe, but I have phobe tendencies. I tend to avoid most finger foods at parties unless I’m first.  If there is a bucket of chicken and tongs aren’t available, I will use a napkin.  However, if that chicken has been picked over put a fork in this party goer, I’m done!        No Chicken for me!

Like Jerry, if I witness an unclean action by the cook, its ovah.   I’ve witnessed a mother wipe her sons nose with her fingers as she was putting out the bread.  I faked an illness-“Flash Pneumonia”and crawled to my car and to freedom.  If it weren’t for the Altoids in my car, I might have starved to death!

I live alone and yet I wash my hands when I handle my personal food.  Who knows I might have guest. It out of respect for them.   Clean hands, its important!