The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 E1 ” Dueling Houses

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Nine years in Atlanta, this season there are no new cast members. This Season Ms Sheree returns to full time status earning her Peach.  The all business, shade throwing fashion maven is ready!   Kenya (three words) watch yo self!

We get to see Kandi and Todd’s creation Ace Tucker, the child is super good natured and uber cute. Mooving on.

Speaking of moving, put a big ass fork in Cynthia.  Ms Bailey is done!  She and Peter rarely communicate, they live in separate cities.   She has hired an attorney and looking for copies of the prenup.

Our resident attorney, embalmer, and hostess Phaedra Parks has a governess ( that nanny to you common folk) to help her with her boys.   PP want to get a divorce from Apollo and wants to move on.  She has an itch to scratch.

Porsha is seeing a shrink to help her with her anger. We get to briefly get to sit in  her session.  She talks about being bullied in high school and tried her best to muster up a tear.   The shrink didn’t buy it and we didn’t see it (the tear) .

The Main Event

The dueling houses Moore Manor and Chateau Sheree

Last season Kenya and Sheree made a bet ” who’s home would be finished first”  Even though her house wasn’t completely finished, she planned to have a house warming party.

Meanwhile, not far away we get to see the long awaited Chateau Sheree. Ten thousand square feet of long stairways, balconies, and giant rooms.     Moore Manor at six thousand square feet would easily  fit inside the Chateau, leaving room for three families.

Unlike Sheree, Kenya has moved into the Manor, living with the construction.  Her first visitor is Cynthia who wonders if the Manor would be ready before the party.

Reality Show Friends

During the visit, Cynthia learns Kenya and Matt had broken up while they were in Mexico. In Mexico, Matt checked Kenya’s  phone and didn’t know who Kenya was texting and went fifty one fifty ( Krazy) kicking in the door and throwing things around the room.   “I am not going to be in the presence of someone who cannot control their anger”

I was under the impression Cynthia and Kenya were besties or near besties.  Apparently, their friendship is camera ready.  It would seem in times of trouble, one of the first calls you would make in times of crises is your buddy.    Back to Moore Manor.

All the ladies were invited to the party except for Porsha.  Kandi and Sheree were the first to arrive.   Sheree doesn’t disappoint as she goes all in and trashes Moore Manor the invite should have “come with a hard hat, dust mask and a fan.”   She stood atop a cooling vent saying it was too hot!   Kenya, struck back telling Sheree,completing the house has been a long journey and she couldn’t imagine having something like this drag out for five years.  Could she be referring to Chateau Sheree?   The computer says yes!

Thangs Bout 2 Get Ugly!

Blame Phaedra, Miss Southern Shade. Maybe she didn’t get the memo!  Maybe she got the memo, and over looked the Exclusion?  Maybe she didn’t care!  We know how she just loves Kenya Moore. Porsha wasn’t invited but Miss SS said, Porsha! Come with!

When Sheree,saw Porsha she tittered, the woman was positively giddy!

Porsha Crashes Kenya's Party - Sheree reacts

Look at huh!  She anticipates ugly.

But Wait There’s Moore!

 Porsha, ain’t the only uninvited guest. 

Next week we see Matt! 

See ya next week.