The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep2 “Don’t call Sheree a Ho”

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The Boom was a Bust!

Poor Sheree,she was hoping for real drama when the uninvited Porsha showed up at Moore Manor.  Porsha’s resent violent outbursts have made some of the ladies more than a little concerned.  Porsha was Phaedra plus one.    Phaedra seeing Moore Manor for the first time said “This is a great place to have a horror movie.”

Kenya, quickly intercepted Porsha and redirected her out of Moore Manor without so much as a scream or a slap.  Perhaps the anger management is working.       Phaedra and Porsha leaves, Sheree takes her leave and chases the two ladies and comes up empty.  Kenya’s on Sheree leaving the party early: “I don’t know if it was curfew time at the shelter she  was staying at.”

 Kenya’s on an off man, Matt appears (also uninvited) the two hadn’t seen each other in a month.   Didn’t Kenya say she was afraid of him?  Well the two seem to be back.

When the Streets are talkin Mama Joyce comes a walkin

Kandi’s knows how to make a dollar and at a business meeting she considering capitalizing on her new son’s popularity on instagram by offering baby products.

Mama Joyce enters, with fresh TEA from Moore Manor.   Mama is a little salty and she direct her salt towards Phaedra. She reminds everyone of Phaedra’s shady past  “She should be sharing that cell with Apollo,”    The group’s all in,  Mama Joyce owns the room.   She wonders why Phaedra hasn’t divorced Apollo its been two years.    Someone googles Georgia laws confirming what Mama Joyce said.   Joyce does a dance….   Ladies and Gentleman Mama Joyce Jones is in the building!      Meanwhile the Restaurant  based on Mama Joyce and her sisters “The Old Lady Gang is wayyyy behind schedule.

Hell Froze Ovah

Kenya and Phaedra have lunch.  Moooving on !

The Smartest Adult in the Thomas Household is…..

Cynthia’s teenage daughter Noelle.  She knew the couple has been in trouble for some time and wonders if Cynthia has low self esteems for staying so long. She says her mother is happier now. Peter agrees to the divorce.

Twirling for her Life! 

Sheree Whitfield is a thug in sensible shoes, she is not one to be played with!   What began as an experiment in sistah hood deteriorated into a war of words between Kenya and Sheree.

Sheree may be little envious of Kenya moving in first.  (Work started on Chateau Sheree began in 2012.)  Sheree telling Kenya that she should add trim and molding pissed Kenya off  “I don’t need trim in my house” and then the words escalated, calling Sheree a HO that sent Sheree into thugdom. Kenya who does have a bit of common sense sensed the danger and twirled her away from Sheree into freedom.



Episdode 1
Dueling  Houses

Its Moore Manor vs Chateau Sheree