Kanye West Stiffs Fans In LA

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Kanye!  Kanye! Kanye!  Twitter and social media  was on fire after Kanye had a meltdown in Sacramento  abandoning thousands angry  fans Saturday Night.

Kanye Krazy!

With his fans trashing him on Social Media  (Especially after declaring if he would have voted he would have voted for Trump)  The notorious Tweeter posted odd looking fashion images on Instagram.kanye west instagram fashion

Mad in Sac

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Last Minute Cancellation in LA

Last Night, West’s concert was cancelled three hours before the show was to begin at the LA Forum.  Thousands of  Disappointing Fans didn’t learn of the cancelled show until they arrived at the Forum.

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Money on the Table

The status of the rest of the tour is in Limbo with many news outlets reporting the final 23 dates of the lucrative tour has been cancelled.

The next scheduled concert is tomorrow at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California.

Ticket holders will get a full refund.






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