Still Mad! Ex Wife Distributes Naked Pictures of Former Hubby

It ani’t ovah, until Eva Gaitan say’s it OVAH!  And for Eva it’s not over, even though her divorced was finalized in February.

Hello There!

Ms’ Eva burned CD’s filled with nude images of her former hubby’s. She mailed the CD’s to her hubby’s parents AND hand delivered packages of the CD’s to her former hubby’s job.  WHERE,the CDs were labeled “Requires Immediate Attention.”

She told police the nude pics came from her ex-husbands flash drive and SHE burned the images onto the CD’s and distributed the CD’s!

How so never, she says she’s NOT guilty!

Police arrested her in the Palm Harbor, Florida home she once shared with Mr Hubby.

Leave Him B!

Her current home is the Pinellas County jail where she is held on a thousand dollar bond. Judge has ordered her to have no contact with her ex-husband.


Will she?