Alana Savell has two empty seats this Thanksgiving

Someone said, guest and fish start to smell after three days. At Alana Savells house in Panama City, Florida if your stay is too long she will shoot at you.

On Monday ,Ms Savell was booked into jail on a charge of aggravated battery with a firearm after opening fire on house guests that she believed overstayed their welcome.

Her boyfriend told her “once someone is told to leave their property, one, two. THREE times” she is to get the gun and shoot it at the ground (is that a Florida law?) and if that doesn’t work, she is to shoot people in the legs.

The 32 year old Savell told Bay County deputies that the women and her friend had come over to hang out.   They were drinking and getting too loud and she wanted them gone. so she started shooting at their feet.


Her woman friend was taken to local hospital and treated for a gunshot wound. Ms Savell’s advisor, her boyfriend was also shot in the leg with her mighty 22.

So this Thanksgiving, Ms Savell has at least two extra seats available and if your smart, you’ll watch your time.