The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep4 “BLOCK a Stereotypical Dead Beat Dad”

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There are two things that’s clear this season. 1.The silly bickering between Kenya and Sheree has bored everyone to tears.  2. Bob Whitfield is very funny and a welcome addition. He’s one of the few husbands on the show (ex) who has a real sense of humor. .   As you ponder that, were gonna move on to Cynthia.

 Ms Cynthia Bailey, is quite the enterprising lady.   She expanding, in addition  to the Cynthia Bailey Eyewear line, she is introducing Cargo an accessory line.   Understanding her product and wanting to reach a younger demographic, she choose her teenage daughter Noelle ,to be the official face of Cargo.  The new line is introduced in L.A where Ms Bailey was slick and professional. Sheree and Kenya should take notes. She is slick and professional .

In La, she meets with Noelle’s father Leon Robinson, and tells him of her plans to Divorce Peter. Leon, said he thought Cynthia and Peter moved too fast,something Cynthia had heard from others.   She breaks down, admitting there were problems from the start but she wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Is Cynthia done with Atlanta? She say’s she loves L.A and her daughter wants to go to school on the west coast and of course Leon’s there.   Stay Tuned.

Condo Sheree

A rare visit into Condo Sheree with her near grown kids.  She announces that the Chateau is finally almost ready to move into.  Why Sheree, Y?  your kids seem just as tired as we are about this damm house.   Her oldest is planning to get his own apartment an her daughter is a couple of ticks from collage.  Sheree’s daughter asks if her father was going to move in?    In one way, this makes sense as we all see some spark between the couple,but Sheree is cautions, there is some unfinished business. The big one for her is Bob left his family homeless, he didn’t pay the mortgage on the family home forcing his family to downside into a much smaller condo.

Bob and Sheree meet for dinner.  Sheree is Sheree, dressed to kill. Flawless hair. Bob arrives in chinos, sneakers and a Wal Mart tee shirt without benefit of a bra.  The site for dinner isn’t Sheree at all.  Its in a strip mall.  Bob says its vegan, then  He gave her an all purpose, I apologies. Sheree wasn’t buying!  Sorry for what Bob?   There is years of pain and betrayal.  “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that I put someone else ahead of you,” he began. She said it was “disrespectful” that he’d brought other women into the house, which he didn’t deny. “I’m sorry for the extramarital affairs. I did do some mean stuff and I’m sorry for subjecting you to an immature man, not ready to be a father for the children, but this is just a starting point,” he said.  Stay tuned.

Moore Fakery

Phaedra and Kenya agree to meet for lunch, without Security!  The shade is immediate! with Kenya on full tilt and Phaedra on medium??????   When it comes to Porsha, Kenya is clear, she doesn’t believe her anger management is working,which is odd when we know her Man not only throws tantrums, he throws furniture and they are as strong as ever.  Phaedra appeals to Kenya ego (Miss Michigan and Miss America) an offer her a spot on her charity board to help with the water crises in Michigan.  Well played,Ms Parks

Another odd pairing, was the sight of Malorie (Cynthia sister) and Kenya in the same car.  Mal has NEVER liked Kenya and looks odd as Kenya is all smiles.


Phaedra (bless her heart) decides to bring everyone together for some laser tag. She’s been there before with her kids and they had a grand old time.   A lot of the women are excited, but no one is Moore as excited as Sheree.  Who only had one target.

With every step she made, every move she made, every corner, there was Ninja Sheree was there blasting Kenya’s ass.  This wasn’t lost on any of the ladies.

The ladies have a sit down.  Phaedra wants others to participate in her charity event in Michigan. The ladies could sell their products at the event.   She also wants to squash the never ending house beef between Sheree and Kenya.   The ladies still pre heated from the Laser tag, immediately started insulting each other.  From the looks on the faces of the other ladies, they were OVER it.  Kandi  who likes her food, started eating bread, this for some reason annoys Kenya who is sitting next to her who then lost her mine.                         She calls  Shereé’s wig “a Mama Joyce wig.”

You don’t tug on Supermans Cape, you don’t spin it into the wind. You don’t tear the mask off the old lone Ranger and you don’t talk about any of Kandi’s family!

 Kandi (with a full mouth a bread)  didn’t missed a beat. Phaedra quickly changed the conversation and just possibly saved Kenya life.

Dead Beat

Kandi stop by Mama Joyce’s house to share the news of Block trying to get back into Riley’s life.  Mama J is not feeling it.  Like Kandi, she doesn’t understand why he wants to get to get together with Riley’s and where is her child support!   After 13 years of disappointments , Riley seems to be over the sperm donor and while they are protective of Riley, they agree it’s up to Riley to decide if she wants to pursue anything further with her dad.

Driving with Mama Joyce, Kandi get a surprise call for Block.   He says he want to co-parent Riley. Something tells me, she’s heard this before.  Her rage is instant, and so is the pain she feels for her child.  Looking at Mama Joyce, she seems to be in pain because her daughter is in pain.  She knows the feeling as Kandi’s father wasn’t around.

Kandi rage explodes when Block say’s its Rileys  responsibility to keep in touch. He’s not going to chase his daughter!

SIDEBAR:   Blocks statement of not chasing his daughter is a defense often used by  many deadbeat dads.    I’m not sure what’s Russell “Block” Spencer motivation for being on this show seen by million is.  His words, his history will not serve him well.

To her credit, Kandi has not mentioned his name on the show and from what I can see in the press.

Some news sources say Russell Block Spencer net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million .  He has produced many artist and may be the president of President of Suave House Records, a record label based in Houston.

There are always two sides and its difficult and unfair to make a judgement based on one source. Mr Spencer relationship with his daughter could have remained private.  The Door had been open by his surrogate and kicked open by him.   Further damaging the relationship he has with his thirteen year old daughter as her deeply private personal life that was protected  by her mother is now on display due to her fathers actions.

So again I ask, what is his motivation? What does he win?

Hoping for a happy ending!





Image result for russell block spencer net worth

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