The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep6 “Taste Like Trouble”

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Stage Drama, Real Drama, In yo bizness drama.  The ladies turned up it on EP 6.

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Last weeks bomb scare at Phaedra’s law office may have been a cultural misunderstanding.  Phaedra’s artist friend, aptly named  “Drama Drama” went to the wrong office.  Reportedly telling someone his new CD was da Bomb and folks overacted.

BS alert: We love Phaedra. The reining queen of shade.  She love a big production and being over the top. So she gets out of the elevator, and there is the paparazzi (oh my lawd) she didn’t know!  “The members of this news crew the press looks likef people who just happened to be in the Starbucks downstairs. (hey guys wanna be on TV?)  No one had a professional camera or mic.  One chump had a cell phone. She chose some man named Freddie, who had a new Nikon Camera.  It was just sad.  Then she had a security meeting with all they she could assemble . Her mama, brother, nanny, and other employees.  A man from the Nation of Islam (great bean pies) was talking about security. I guess its important to know how to take someone out should he attack an office worker with a CD.       Like other Phaedra productions this one was over the top and just too much and yes we all know fakery when we see it.    Phaedra, were gonna have to take away 5 bonus points.


Mama Joyce Reporting from the Streets

Mama Joyce was relatively quiet last season. This season she will NOT be ignored!     She currently ranks #3 in the shade competition.

We see Joyce in a Mata Hari outfit. Long coat scarf completely covering her head and sunglasses.  She is there to ask the attorney Randy Kessler  about divorce laws in Georgia.  She has a question for a “friend”.  The ‘friend is Phaedra, and she wants to know how long it takes to get a divorce when the husband is in jail.   Messy, Messy, Messy.   I believe Randy Kessler attorney represented Apollo.  Joyce says she is going after Phaedra because Phaedra is coming for her daughter Kandi. Joyce said ” She wouldn’t piss on Phaedra, if Phaedra was on fire”  Perhaps she off her meds.

 Her methods, are sketchy at best.   Kandi needs to find Mama a man ,women, or just  keep her medicated. The woman  needs something to do.  Gonna give the misguided and twisted Joyce. 3 bonus points.

Porsha Williams, Bless her Heart

Porsha! Porsha! Porsha!  Funny! Sexy! Slow!

Porsha’s lease is up on her current house and we find her on the Sofa looking at houses on her tablet.  She tells her mother and sister she is looking for a large house in the suburbs because she wants a family.     She glows about Todd who she met on Facebook?, and tells them that he has two sons and basic random stuff.  She failed to tell them that he said he wasn’t interested.  He didn’t want to be a sperm donor.  She has to be out of the house she in and buy a new house in 45 days, which is at lease three week (at least in Porsha’s brain) Fa la la la, la la la la!

Cynthia Hair It is!

If there was a housewife hair contest.  Cynthia would win hands down.  From scene to scene she givin us Erykah Badu braids and then Diana Ross! anything and everything you want. Power to the weavers!

She too, visit her attorney and everything looks good . The divorce is less then two months away.  We learned from Peter she told the media about their divorce before she told him.  Ouch!

Kenya and the Boy

I want to believe Kenya, I think she cares for Matt but*

 Cynthia visits Moore Manor. The custom cake she made for Matt is untouched. She tells Cynthia.Matt didn’t make his own birthday party and stays in California with his sister.  We see Kenya’s security footage of Matt in a fit of rage breaking glass in Kenya’s garage which sets off warning bells in Cynthia.

Despite all the drama, Kenya wants to see Matt and give it another try. We see her begging Matt for a sit down.   We see her talking to members of the production staff and asking for advice.  What we see is Kenya in love with a bad boy, and based what weve seen, Matt’s a baby throwing tantrums.

Matt drives up to Moore Manor and wont get out of his SUV.  We learned is Matt wanted to talk, but off camera.  Kenya’s pleading for him to talk.   He is clearly frustrated  by the presence of the cameras. * He calls her manipulative and we learn she bought his airline tickets to California.  Hmmm? (What’s ;with the big story?)

Weve seen Kenya struggle with men on RHOA.  Manufactured boyfriends, and rumors of have a storyline.    Even some of the fans who dislike Kenya wants to see her with someone.  But she makes it difficult . Minus 5 bonus Points.

I got somethin for everybody!

The  opening of the Old Ladies Restaurant is testing the marriage of Kandi and Todd.  She’s trying to stand by her man, but they have a long way to go $$$$$$ and Todd keeps telling her, he’s handling it.

Its time to get the menu together and taste the food.   There  is Kandi and Todd, the OLG, featuring Bertha,Nora and Mama Joyce.    We soon learn, all the other housewives are invited.    Including Phaedra.   Kandi greets Bertha and Nora.  Bertha makes it clear she bought the cake.    The ladies stagger in.

 Sheree arrives full of messy piss and vinegar.

At the table she sits down and says to Mama Joyce  “Your looking might fine-I had a hair style like yours and Kenya said I had on a tired Ass Mama Joyce wig”    Kenya nearly choked, That’s not what I said !   Of course she did and there’s film.     Joyce not missing a beat and splashing Kenya with shade at the same time said.    You betta wished you look this good at 67 and IT’S ALL NATURAL!  

Meanwhile Mama Joyce is waiting and  locked and loaded for Phaedra.     Mama Joyce starts in on Phaedra using that old lady voice of concern.   How you doin boo? I heard what your going through and wanted to tell you about what the divorce lawyer said.    Kandi overhearing part of the conversation, went Mama! and grabbed Joyce.

 Cynthia comes in and the discussion changes about the office boom.  As Phaedra is telling the story.  Mama Joyce says from “what I read, the man said he wanted to blow you the fuck up!   Phaedra: wait what?   “I’m just sayin he wanted to blow you the fuck up”   “That not necessarily what he said ? Phaedra goes into what happened and homeland security

Suddenly , Sheree turns to Kandi. Have you heard from Block?  Kandi, taken off guard Block? I don’t wanna talk about Block!  Kandi could have shut it down, but no . He was talking about co-parenting? she adds   Porsha, said Anit Riley damm near grown?   Sheree wasn’t done with the mess.   Porsha did Block say anything about Riley to you.?  

Sheree knows everything, her motives was messy. Kandi shared this information with her weeks ago.     She knew Porsha dated Block,well after Kandi.   She also knows Kandi is private about Block.   Kandi could have quashed the entire unnecessary conversation by staying quiet.  Porsha, on the other hand didn’t bite.   Sheree brought the drama however no bonus points.


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