ABC’s The View: Barbara Walters vision ruined?

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Over two decades ago Barbara Walters and producer Bill Geddie created a daytime talk show hosted by different generations of women, it was the first of its kind.

I’m a huge fan of the show and I watch it daily.  The discussions are lively and topical. Missing it was not an option as the The View is part of America’s daily dialogue.

The success of the show belongs to Geddie and Walters who carefully chose the hosts. They allowed the talent to develop building a relationship with each others and with the viewers.

Sherri Shepard and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are two examples of that development.  Comedienne  Actress Shepard didn’t seem to grasp of the world and the topics, she seemed lost much of the time.   I struggled with Hasselbeck’s youth ,while others struggled with her conservatism.

 As the lone conservative Hasselbeck faced a daily challenges, especially against the very liberal Joy Behar and the ultra liberal Rosie O’Donnell .  Overtime, all the host allowed us into a brief  look  into  their private lives(including Barbara). They shared stories of weight loss,dating, family ,daily rants and challenges that we can all relate to.. Through those personal experiences.I got to know  Hasselbeck and Shepard and a bond developed.

When a host left the show it was like a friend moving out of state.

Barbara was the mother, Geddie was stern uncle.  When Whoopi and Joy walked off during the Bill O’Reilly interview. Mother was not happy!  O’Reilly was a guest in their home and walking out was not acceptable! From time to time she’d remind Goldberg and Behar of their misdeeds.

When Hasselbeck announced she was leaving “The View’, there were many rumors. Most believed she was being forced out due to her conservative views.  Elizabeth has publicly said it was further from the truth.   When Barbara Walter announced she was retiring,Elizabeth told Rachael Ray’s audience  “I don’t believe her!””I hope that she is as celebrated as she deserves to be. She’s just a great teacher. I owe her a debt of gratitude.”

Other shows imitated “The View” notably “The Talk” and “The Real”

With mom and uncle Bill gone, the house unstable.  Bonding is difficult for the audience and cast members due to the never ending revolving door.  The new hosts are clearly intimated by the veterans Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

There have been more cast changes at the view since Barbara’s Retirement in 2014, Rosie O Donnell, Sherri Sheppard, Jenny McCarthy, Rosie Perez, Nicole Wallace, Michelle Collins, Raven Symone and last week Candace Cameron Bure than in the previous 17 seasons combined.  Whoopi Goldberg say’s this season is her last.

Television often rely on focus groups to determine the direction of the show.  Sometimes the likability factor often decides who is hired or who stays.   Under Walters and Geddie it seems information from the focus groups aided in the development of the casting.   Under the new regime, they seems to relies solely from the data from the groups to determine casting.

Sources says ,she feels  ABC execs  have ruined the show that she and Geddie built. In retirement Barbara calls the control room to offer suggestions as she did when she was producer

.She believes the legacy has been compromised due to poor casting and bad leadership. Walter is concerned the show will be remembered for its petty backstage bickering and revolving door of talent.

Barbara Walters (mom),the Legend is not happy!