Forgot My Bag

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I’ve been using reusable bags for some time now.  This is my personal contribution to  the environment**   There is a certain amount of pride, bringing my bag.  My overactive imaginations says there is a child out there watching me fill me bag . And he angrily looks at his parents and says  why don’t we have a bag?

For many years my bags and I were never together.

I’d fine myself at checkout with my bags lounging in the trunk. (yes, plastic please)

A friend suggested I keep them inside the car and have more than a couple of bags, just in cases I unload my groceries and forget to returned them to the car.

Then I started collecting them. Buying them from stores all over the country.  Food Lion, A&P, Fred Meyer, Publix, Price Chopper, Piggly Wiggly and more.  These are often conversation starters. Are you from………

Today, I am never without a bag, they’re stuffed behind my seat in the car, on a hook in my home.  They have many uses. I carry shoes, books and tons of stiff.  I wonder if Martha Steward knows?


Occasionally, I would leave my bags in the car and bag my things into those horrible plastic bags, to use for garbage.   What I’ve learned, there are several types of bags.  The hard petroleum based bags are large and strong, however they have a short self life. The sun is their enemy. Certain liquids can reduce their time on this planet. Some markets offer canvas or fabric bag, these aren’t as large  but last longer AND I use  bags for my garbage and wash them in warm soapy water.