Plastic Bags: Is this thing on?


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Duped!  bamboozled!  tricked !

On November 8th 2016 48% of Californians voted against the Plastic Bag (Prop 67) law. Perhaps they read the ballot measure. Which allowed retailers to sell plastic bags to shoppers.

On November 9th, Californians began paying retailers like Wal Mart and other supermarkets ten cents for a plastic (reusable bags). But aren’t all plastic bags reusable?


More than 50% of shoppers in upper income area Supermarkets brought their own bags.   At the Trade Joe’s in East Sacramento and the Sacramento Natural Food Coop on R Street, nearly 70 percent of shoppers entered the stores with their own bags. Plastic bags aren’t an option at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Nugget Markets.

On the other end of spectrum, fewer than 5% of the shoppers at the Wal Mart in West Sacramento, and the North Highlands stores brought their own Bags.  Fewer than 10%of shoppers at Viva, Food Co, Grocery Outlet brought reusable bags.  The majority of shoppers paid ten cents for plastic bags.  The average family bought 8 bags. These bags are thicker and larger than the bags they replaced.  There are no store logo’s or signage on these bags.

Learning Curve

Twenty years ago, wearing seat belts became mandatory in the state. Before the law went into effect, 26% of state drivers wore seat belts.  By 1987, 45% of drivers wore seat belts.  The state office of Traffic Safety says 97% of Californians wear seat belts.

The majority of shoppers in the Sacramento Area use plastic bags.  The impact of the new law as it stands today is minimal . Like the seat belt law it will take time.  Before the law was past there were many communities that banned plastic supermarket plastic bags it is very likely the state law overrides the city bands.

 The new environmental law was Christmas for many California’s Supermarket chains.




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