Spartanburg South Carolina Egg Controversy

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Somebody was called a Bitch!  There were flying tape dispensers! and distraught mother. The ugly scene prompted someone to call 911 to the Spartanburg South Carolina  Denny’s outlet last Thursday.

The issue: A single hard boiled egg.

Two Denny’s employees, 56 year old Nancy Michelle Kirkpatrick and 21 year old Quanisha Dre’Shawn Fenn. “got into a heated argument over  a hard boiled egg”


Old Nancy reportedly called young Quanishia a B-I-T-C-H!!!!

Quanishia called for back up, her MAMA!

47 year old Toska Marie Lighter (flash to her friends) came down and started arguing with Nancy.  A heated Toska threw a tape dispenser at Old Nancy and missed.

(Nancy is probably fast on her feet)

Nobody know why the two employees were fighting over a single boiled egg. No one pressed charges on anyone.

Perhaps its me. I have a Pubic Edjamation. Couldn’t someone at the Denny’s simply boiled another egg?