The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 E8 “Bosom Buddies”


Get your parasols and raincoats its about to get UGLY in the ATL. Give me a minute to get to the bottom of this  ugly nastiness. .

Cynthia 2.0 has a new house by the lake, soon to be single and 50 she  wants to tune up her tits. So she does what every women does, invites all her girls friends.    The first to arrive is her second bestie Kenya and the I’m always late Kandi.   Kandi, fresh from her explosive heart to heart for former bestie Phaedra.  Ask’s if Phaedra coming. After it was confirmed Kandi shares the discussion she had with Phaedra the day before with  Cynthia and Kenya. Kandi shares details of the discussion ,including some of Phaedra’s very private and personal information.  The ladies arrive, Phaedra greets everyone.  Someone ask the doctor if he could tell who’s breast were natural ,he correctly guested, however, Kenya insists her’s were natural. (cough-choke)

Cynthia daughter  Noelle meets with her soon to be ex step father Peter.  It seems during a divorce, no one ever ask the children. He’s been a large part of her life for nearly half her life. The two meets up at her yoga class and agree to stay in touch.

Kandi, drops 5k in Jeweley on her daughter Riley for her birthday.  Riley gets a call from her bio dad Block, who wants to meet with her. Kandi feels she should be alone with her bio dad.  Over cake, Kandi agrees to accompany her.

The things you learn

Porsha and friend Shemea takes a  “Yoni Egg” where a glass egg is inserted inside a womans……. to strengthen that mid region. Image result for yoni egg

Sheree, passes on the eggs, in, out, over ,easy, whateveh.  She is there to confirm Kandi’s rumors about Phaedra’s  supposed infidelity.  Who else would know other than Porsha, Phaedra’s new bestie.   Porsha said ,she didn’t know and says Kandi shouldn’t  be spreading rumors….its bad bad bad.

It’s about to get Ugly up in here!

You tell on me, I might just tell on you!

Porsha protects one friend and throws another one under THE BIG BUS!

Sheree and Porsha are salivating with Phaedra arrives. They have NEWS!   They review the infidelity rumors.    Phaedra act’s shocked (oh my word?)

Sheree takes it from there and asks Pheadra did she know how close Kandi and Shemea were?    Pheadra says Kandi and Shemea are sleeping together AND gets together with Kandi’s hubby Todd for some three ways.

Porsha’s not done!  She meets with Kandi,of course our court reporter Sheree is there.  Porsha is pissed!   Someone (cough-court reporter) brought up Porsha dating Kandi’s baby daddy Block, insinuating Porsha slept with him.  Porsha blamed Kandi for spreading the news, Kandi did not back down!

“You Did”    Running low on brain cells, Porsha attempts to tell Kandi how bad! bad! bad! it is to talk about Phaedra and Apollo’s relationship

Say it with me…..BOOM!!!!.

Kandi goes for it!  Kandi told Porsha. She and Phaedra haven’t been close in years AND any negativity about Phaedra is appropriate!

Kandi, suggest Phaedra is spreading rumors. Rumor that has cost her $$$$

Porsha, who has taken on Kenya and other women, stepped back on Kandi, knowing she was on TILT!   Porsha retreated, its wrong to spread a rumor with out proof.   Kandi  said Phaedra was chatting with another dude when Apollo FIRST went to jail! and YOU know what I know!   Porsha, with all her brain cells used up, tried, to look like she knew nothing! NOTHING!

Porsha wisely saved her life by not mentioning Phaedra’ lesbian story.  Kandi makes her leave.  This is the second time in a row we have seen Kandi(who really likes food) leaving a restaurant without so much as a piece of bread.

Porsha living on the edge.

BEFORE Kandi gets in her car, Porsha tells Shereé she believes Kandi is “in the closet’ Apparently Porsha isn’t all about the proof and that wasn’t lost on Sheree.

NOTE: Is Kandi justified in revealing Phaedra’s secrets?

Do you believe Phaedra is telling Kandi’s secrets off camera to protect her image?


Before you have a house party next week.  Check out the Previews.

I think Bravo is going to make us wait ……



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