Kill Me Now! The Alhambra Safeway is no longer a 24 hour store

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One of the best thing about living in Sacramento is the ability to shop 24hours a day. While 24 full service shopping is common in cities like Sacramento and Dallas, its very rare in cities like  San Francisco and New York .  In those cities ,large chain stores are rare and discounters like K-Mart and Wal Mart are even rarer.With the exception of Walgreen’s no large store is open beyond 9pm.

I detest crowds most days.  But if I happen to need a toilet seat ,duct tape, and some Fruit of the loom’s at 3:09am its possible. At least for now,without the crowds.

When I first moved to Sac, in the early 90’s there were many places open 24 hours including a few Home Depot stores.  However this is changing  Not one Wal Mart in Sacramento is open 24 hours.  There are fewer 24 stores in the region with many supermarkets closing  11 or midnight.

Should you need some yellow XXXXXLarge Fruit of the looms after midnight, you will have to drive to the odorless colorless suburbs.   The Wal Mart in Roseville, the home of the Toyota Camry is open 24 hours.  As is the Folsom location, where Old Navy and Target is always in fashion and the old Elk Grove store is open.  Perhaps Sacramento is too URBAN for Wally Mart.

The Alhambra Safeway is a special place for me, I call it my office.   A night owl by nature, the customers reminded me of New York and San Francisco.    It is one of the few places in Sacramento where people down on their luck intersect with the well heeled.

While some people feel the store is a bit dingy. (Far from it)  It filled with nice and thoughtful staff.  On weekends its theater.  Especially after 1 am.   I’ve witnessed lesbian fist fights in the cookie aisle. Seen a man and his dog(in slow motion) fall into the dairy section.

At one a clock.  Taxi’s,Limousine’s, School Buses crowd the front doors of the store to buy that last minute bottle or bottles of alcohol. The once mild mannered employees often change in to black shirts becoming Safeway’s dual action security team.  To prevent people from rushing out the door with cases of Corona.

While reading the Enquirer to see who wore it best, I park my shopping cart near the center of the store. To watch people run into the store.  Many believing, their fine as long as they’re inline by 2am.

 Sorry, the computer says no!

While most people reluctantly accept reality,(can’t buy alcohol) others want to keep the party going. They throw tantrums, threaten the cashiers. Some people have threaten to sue the store, others yell until they realize their party will be alcohol free.  After 2am , the black tees are retired until next weekend and the security team returns to mild mannered Safeway employees re-stocking the store.

While I’m disappointed  by the reduced hours and will surely miss the weekend theater, the Alhambra Safeway will continue to be my store.