Coming Soon: Best Movie Theater in Sacramento?

In 2012, we ranked the Palladio 16 the best movie theater in the Sacramento area.  Since then other area theaters have improved seating and sound. Despite all the improvements the Palladio’s continue’s to be the best theater in the area.  However, that could change. Two theaters recently opened in the area, with two others scheduled to open this spring.


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Movie goers will have soon have more options in the Sacramento Area.  Cinemark the parent company of the Century Theaters recently opened a new 16 screen theater in the Howe About Arden Shopping Center.    Century will open a 10 screen in Downtown Commons near Golden One Center this Spring.

The last theater building boom took place in the late nineties.  In 2011, Cinema West a Petaluma based theater chain opened the Palladio 16 Theaters in Folsom. It was the first theater in the region that offered recliners, the first theater to offer Motion Seats.  It currently has the worlds largest solar system.    Palladio has four theaters( at 52 feet high and three stories tall) are the largest screens in any Multiplex in area.  The theater uses real butter and with the $10.50 evening admission we ranked the Palladio the best theater in the Sacramento.


Cinema West is expanding in Sacramento Area.  They are currently building 12 screen theater in the Country Club Center on Watt and a multiplex theater in Downtown Woodland.

The moving going landscape is rapidly changing, for the first time there are movie theaters designed for adults.  In 2015, the Dallas based Studio Movie Grill opened their first theater in Rocklin.   At the Studio Movie Grill, patrons can have an adult drink or meal before the movie or during the movie with a push of button.


“Game Changer”

Rocklin’s Studio Movie Grill


Around the corner from the Palladio  is the Palladio Lux Theaters, like the Studio Movie Theater food and adult beverages are available and unlike the Palladio, no one under 21 is permitted after 5pm.  The new Century’s will sell beer and wine.

Early reviews at the Arden Century has been mixed, there have been complaints about the sound quality and long waits on the weekends.

Some patrons , familiar with Palladio have complained about the smaller auditoriums in the Lux and the prices are five dollars more .



WE need your input.  What do you think of the new theaters?






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  1. I went to the new century off of Arden to see La La land. We sat in the second row. Right as the movie started, my fiancé asked me if they were going to turn up the volume… Shortly after I keep hearing people around me clear their throats and move in their recliners. After the movie was over, we wanted to check out their HUGE rpx theater, as your walking in, all you see is huge speakers. Star Wars Rouge one was playing, we stood by the walk way for just over 5 minutes… Just wanted to see some fight scenes… It was so QUIET… When i go to the movies I want to feel like I’m in it. I wanna feel an x-wing fly by, I wanna feel the beat to every song, Arden’s Cinemax does not do that for me. Bummer.


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