When the sky starts to fall I’ll reach for my Umbrella


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Hillary Clinton lost, despite having nearly 3 million more votes she lost. Like a lot of Americans I was in shock.

I turned off the news and limited my time on Social Media.  In addition to the fake news, the news coming from my  friends depressed me.  It was Bad Trump twenty four seven.  Trump was going to ruin America, every other person living paycheck to paycheck was leaving America.

For those who’ve followed this blog, know I lean a little bit left. Not a full tilt,because I believe we need the right.   I don’t subscribe to the notion that right wingers are evil. Through the years  have met some very questionable people on the left.

I see little difference between the two parties.  The reinstatement of Nancy Pelosi, and Paul Ryan guarantees more of the same and I’m following  the lead of some of the millennials seeking a viable third option.

The Donald is our President, based on the people he has chosen to fill key positions  many low middle income and working class supporters may regret their votes.  The people he has chosen cant relate to the needs of average working person.  Some have never been in a Supermarket.  Remember when George H Bush didn’t know what the cost was for a gallon of milk?

It make take a minute or two for his supporters to see through his smoke as he takes credit for everything from the popularity of coke to curing measles in Nigeria.

His presidency has turned this slave of the media to a hyper vigilant citizen.  He has reactivated my activism.  I have rediscovered my feet.  I’m participating in the Women’s March On Washington here in Sacramento.  Networked with other bloggers to vet and help get third party candidates elected locally here in Northern California.

Trumps term is a wait and hope for the best.  I refuse to add my voice to the gloom and doom chorus.  When the sky starts to fall I will reach for my Umbrella.


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